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Your fiance has popped the question, and now it’s time for you to do the same. “Proposing” to your bridesmaids is an exciting and fun part of the engagement process that needs little stress. Coming up with unique, creative bridesmaid proposals is not only a way to show the friends closest to you how much they mean to you, but you can have a lot of fun doing it! 

Now the question is how do you find the perfect way to ask your college roommate, your best friend from high school, your sister or favorite coworker, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Here is a list of 10 creative bridesmaid proposals that are sure to make each special person in your life even more excited to celebrate you and your wedding!

Photo by Williams Sonoma
  1. Sweet Treat 

What better way to show your love for the special ladies in your life than by popping the question with a tasty treat they can enjoy? These macaroons from Williams Sonoma are the perfect goodie to present the question that will make your future bridesmaids jump up and scream “yes!” This works with cookies or cupcakes, too! 


Photo by TwoCrewDesign

2. Puzzle Proposal

These jigsaw puzzle bridesmaid proposals aren’t just a creative way to get your bridesmaids excited about their new roles, but they are budget-friendly as well. Etsy has dozens of designs like this puzzle pictured here, and most are under ten dollars!  


Photo by Label With Love

3. Customized Wine Bottle Label

Pop the bubbles after popping the question with these customizable wine bottle labels. Stick these labels personalized with your bridesmaids’ names onto your favorite bottle of rosé or champagne to kick off the wedding festivities with your new bridesmaids. 


Photo by Gift a Hug

3. Necklace

What bridesmaid could say no to a sweet necklace that will remind her of her best friend everytime she wears it? If you’re willing to splurge a little on a bridesmaid gift, you can never go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry, especially if you’re asking someone to be your maid of honor. Even still, there are plenty of options out there for jewelry that is a little easier on your budget as well. 


Photo by Beets and Apples

4. Spa Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with a basket full of spa goods to surprise your bridesmaids. Fill it with your selection of bubble bath, bath bombs and face masks, or order a set already made like this one from Amazon.


Photo by Tracey Bousquet

5. Coffee Mug

This gift is classic and simple and the perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover. You can personalize each mug like these from Etsy with your bridesmaids’ names, a funny quote or a sweet message. 


Photo by Invitation House

6. Simple customized card

If you are not the type to go all out with a bridesmaid gift when proposing to your bridesmaids, stick with a sweet and simple customized card. You can add a personalized message to each one telling your bridesmaid just how much she means to you. Order simple cards like these from Amazon, or get creative and make them yourself! 


Photo by Petal Paper Co.

8. Scratch off message 

Like the jigsaw puzzle earlier, these scratch off messages are a fun way to surprise your bridesmaids with the question. Sure, she probably already knows what you’re about to ask her, but the suspense of scratching off the message is exciting nonetheless!


Photo by APK Bridesmaids Gifts

9. Personalized wine glasses

These gifts are not only practical, but they can be used during the entire engagement process, from the bachelorette party, to the big day itself. 


Photo by Joshua Tree Rock and Lotus

10. Succulent 

Lastly, this succulent proposal is too cute not to share. If you want to surprise your bridesmaids with a cute and funny gift, this succulent is the perfect way to go. You can find this succulent proposal here on Etsy! 

Whichever way you choose to ask your bridesmaids to stand next to you on your big day, they are sure to say yes a million times over. There are hundreds of unique and creative ways to ask the most important women in your life to be your bridesmaids, so find the one that best fits your personality and budget! 


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