By Britt Lynch

The generation of millennials has brought in a new era of wedding styles, traditions, and changes. A major wedding trend right now that offers a lot of personalization and more captured moments for everyone are wedding hashtags. Some go “unplugged” (no smartphones) for a wedding, but many are staying “plugged in.” That’s right, the wedding hashtag has created some pretty spectacular opportunities for couples to document their special day. Read 3 (and a half) reasons why a simple hashtag and a catchy name makes for a great wedding.


Featured on TheKnot, Photo by CD Wedding Photography

1) Hashtags give a chance for your guests to be involved every step of the way

Excited for all of your amazing guests to be at your wedding? Well, you can find out that they are too! A hashtag for your wedding makes it easy for guests to share their excitement via social media. They’re with you through the entire process and are sharing conversation about everything leading up to your big day. Everyone can use it to share everything about your big day and everything in between!

Tip: Incorporate your wedding hashtag into your “Save The Date” announcements, wedding invitations or wedding website. This encourages your invitees to connect with you!

2) Hashtags make for easy crowdsourcing (#thatwaseasy)

It’s just a fancy word for keeping track of everything! Hashtags start the conversation, but are also super easy to track and look back on after the big day is over. You can track your hashtag anywhere – if you hashtag it, it’s traceable. (Let’s give Twitter a big round of applause for helping launch the successful linking of topics, events, and discussion over multiple social media platforms via the hashtag.)

Tip: Easy and free apps like, WedPics, make it even easier to gather all your photos in one place so you’re not picture hunting when you return from the honeymoon.


Featured on, photo by Powers Photography Studio

3) Consider it the modern day guestbook option

DIY is big right now and what better way to save a little money in the wedding budget than to use a wedding hashtag to create your guest book! In using your hashtag, guests can post personal sentiments, wishes, and advice for you and your honey. It gets your guests involved, you can find your photos, AND your guest book can be created.

Tip: Make it easy to remember. The worst thing you could want is for your guests to “think” they remember your wedding hashtag and photos get lost in the process (you’ll somehow have 10 different hashtags that sort of resemble yours). Maybe even make it the same name as your wedding website! Here’s a simple equation for a stellar wedding hashtag:

(groom’s last name (or) couples’ initials) + (wedding) +/- (date (or) year) = a hashtag everyone can remember to use!

Go Big: Try something catchy or pun-y for a play on words your guests will remember AND adore!

3 (and a half)  It makes for a good excuse for another cute decoration

Who doesn’t need another excuse to do something cute at their wedding? To make sure your guests know what to hashtag, place a sign at your reception! Create one with a goregeous, old frame or use some whimsy calligraphy! Or you could even do something like hashtag your #weddingnapkins.


Photo from Memorable Weddings Etsy Shop, order some here.

Hashtags aren’t for everyone’s weddings, but their efficiency to link priceless memories and moments of your day together is a unique way to keep it all together. It’s free, it’s easy, and most certainly a great tool to use to document it all. You won’t remember the hashtag forever (I mean, can we say, #funfad?), but you’ll love the save-able photos and such that will come with it.


This interview was done by Brittany Lynch. “Britt” is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. She loves writing, enjoying Southern food, and is all about investing in new experiences. And, of course, she loves weddings. You can check out her personal blog here.

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