By Taylor Perry

As a photographer eager to learn from others, I recently jumped at the chance to accompany Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable to Amanda’s bridal session on North Campus at UGA a few weeks ago.

Amanda was married on Saturday, July 26th, and now that her friends and family have seen her in her stunning wedding attire, we thought we’d let our Weddings in Athens readers see a few of her bridal portraits! I had never shot a bridal session before, but having tagged along to Amanda’s, I am now thoroughly convinced that it is a fabulous, sensible choice that I will be suggesting to brides in the future. Here are some great reasons to consider scheduling a bridal portrait shoot before your wedding:


1. You Can Take Your Time

Having bridal portraits done before the wedding means having a lot more time with the photographer. Of course, you’ll have some portraits made on your wedding day, as well–but there won’t be nearly as much time for you to try out different poses and locations with your photographer, and there will be so many other photos that will need to be taken before and after the ceremony. On your wedding day, you’ll probably have a few minutes for bridal portraits; have them taken beforehand, and you’ll have an hour or two. Scheduling a shoot ahead of time will give you an opportunity to relax and have fun modeling your beautiful dress without worrying about a time crunch. You’ll enter your wedding day knowing that those photographs are taken care of already, taking one item off of your plate for the busy day ahead!


2. Practice Makes Perfect!

I, for one, am not comfortable in front of the camera–particularly if I am the only person in the photograph. What do I do with my hands? Do I smile? Do I look longingly into the distance? Make a pouty face? Ponder? Maybe you’re like me and have no clue either. If that’s the case, a bridal session is perfect for you! Your photographer will have plenty of great posing suggestions on your wedding day, as well, but why not get comfortable in front of the camera beforehand? Scheduling a bridal session will not only help you get used to having your picture taken, but you’ll get to interact more with the person who will be with you for most of your big day. The more comfortable you are with your photographer beforehand, the more at ease you’ll feel in front of the camera on your wedding day, and that ease will show in your pictures!


© Mackenzie Taylor Photography

3. You Can Display Your Favorite

Picture this: while you and your new fella-for-life are off taking post-ceremony photographs in the sunset, your guests enter the reception hall and see a positively breathtaking canvas print on display. It’s a portrait of you wearing the same beautiful dress you wore down the aisle–and now guests can take a few seconds to admire the details and radiance captured in the photograph as they await your return. Personally, I think it would be pretty cool to include a portrait of the groom, as well–timeless photographs sitting side by side, not unlike the couple they portray. Whatever your preference, taking your bridal portraits beforehand gives you the option of choosing a photograph to display on your wedding day, for guests and groom alike to admire.




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This blog post was written by Taylor Perry, a student at the University of Georgia majoring in Music and Human Development & Family Science. Taylor runs a photography business in the Athens, GA area.

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