By Angela Pun

Meet Lisa Formaro, the lady behind The Sweet Trend, a dessert buffet table service.  She was one of the many vendors I met at the 3rd Athens NotWedding.

That night, The Sweet Trend table had an elegant display of whites and neutrals from the cute diamond ring cookies to the white scalloped popcorn bowls. Then for the nice pop of color, she had these pink and mint green macarons. I just had to find out the details on how she got started and how her business is done.


Bane Marable Photography

Everything started a year and a half ago when Lisa was asked to help out her best friend’s daughter to create a candy buffet. She started doing some research and discovered how “each one is so different.” After the success of her first candy buffet, she found herself creating dessert buffet tables for all kinds of different events and people!


Blane Marable Photography

The wonderful part about The Sweet Trend is that everything is customized, catered to the taste of the client. Lisa puts everything together according to their wants and needs; she creates and decorates the table unique to their vision. It is important for her to make a connection with her clients so that the table is personal to them. She doesn’t believe in doing packages because once that happens, the individuality of the table is gone. Plus, doing packages means it would be harder to work around any budgets.

The Sweet Trend does cater to all types of events, for example, one of their biggest ones so far was for The Cure Childhood Cancer’s “Believe Ball,” honoring Tom and Chris Glavin, which followed a baseball theme. However Lisa does find herself “really drawn to weddings.” She loves the “buildup of the process” of weddings. She gets to be there every step of the way for weddings, from the luncheons to gifts for the bride’s maids.


Blane Marable Photography

Now down to the logistics for you brides-to-be: She does deliveries so far, it is better for her to deliver everything herself so she can set up and decorate the table. Now how far in advance do you need to call in? It depends. For a dessert/candy buffet, safest bet would be a month in advance but for boxes of candy, you should be good with a couple of weeks.

Be sure to check out The Sweet Trend on their website for ordering and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thesweettrend.

Photos were taken by Blane Marable Photography. Follow the page for more pictures from the 3rd Athens NotWedding at

Angela Pun graduated at the University of Georgia majoring in Fashion Merchandising. A lover of fashion, food, and photography. Follow her small adventures on Twitter @a_punny and Instagram @apunpun.

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