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A little over a week ago, we (Weddings in Athens) were invited to come see the Styled Shoot for the upcoming 3rd Athens NotWedding event! (Pssst! You can win tickets, right here!) The small team of us (Emily, Angela, Rachel, and myself) were on site to see all that went into the shoot.It was a great morning of learning, excitement, and meeting the incredible women behind the hard work, preparation, and lovely details of the event to come. Here’s a small timeline recap of our morning at Canvas Studio…

2014-08-01 08.22.47

9 am

Met at Canvas Studio with Chelsea Hobson, owner and photographer of Poppy La’Rue Photography (one of the fabulous photographers of the upcoming event!) and her good friend and assistant-for-the-day, Brandi Sisson. We chit-chatted, sipped some coffee, and talked about the excitement of the upcoming event. The models were sent off for hair and makeup.


10 am

Met Kaitie Bryant, owner of Canvas Studio and Kaitie Bryant Photography (another one of the photographers of the upcoming event!). She showed us around her space and talked about the budding purpose of the quaint little house to be a studio where photographers could create. We were in awe of the beautiful space and all of the cute details! Vendors started arriving with their supplies and setup for the photo shoot. We moved furniture around and got things moving for all the work to be done!


11 am

As the ladies came in and settled in, we took pictures and video of table setups, products, and everything in between! We talked with them as they worked and looked in awe over what amazing things they were accustomed to creating and showcasing. The models arrived back at Canvas Studio, looking beautiful and were ready to get dressed and get in on the action!

2014-08-01 09.56.59 SONY DSC

12 pm

All setups had been photographed to show off all of the uniquely and intricately purposed products. Models were brought in and placed in the main room while Chelsea performed her magic, snapping away with Brandi. There was lots of catching up and talking amongst the ladies and models. We sat and watched all of the great shots being captured, one after another! After all was said and done, we helped clean up, exchanged contacts, and said our goodbyes.


All photos were taken by Weddings in Athens Interns, Rachel S. & Angela P.

Our thoughts on the day:

“I enjoyed watching the dining table being set up. The set up for the table was entirely up to Chelsea and it was interesting because it was improvised along the way. Everything came together so quickly even though it was a long process to think about what would look good where. Those three hours that we were there passed by in seconds from watching the dining table being set up to adding the finishing touch with stationary and then finally with the models posing effortlessly.” – Angela P.

“My favorite part of being at the styled shoot was seeing the behind the scenes work efforts that were put together to make the shoot happen. I always see pictures photo shoots, but in this case it gave a completely different perspective! It was definitely a fun time. I think what I liked the most was being able to ask the photographers and vendors questions while they were working. They were so nice and open to talking about anything! It was a great experience and I loved being able to be part of it!” – Rachel S.

“I was so inspired by all of the amazing ladies in the room! All of them were creatively driven and focused on constructing a perfect shoot to showcase each other’s work. I was completely inspired to dream bigger that morning… Each of them was doing something they loved to do in the wedding industry and had so much fun doing it!” – Britt L.

Part 2 of “The 3rd Athens NotWedding Styled Shoot” Exclusive Feature will be coming to the blog later this week!


This interview was done by Brittany Lynch. “Britt” is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. She loves writing, enjoying Southern food, and is all about investing in new experiences. And, of course, she loves weddings. You can check out her personal blog here.

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