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Alright Athens, the NotWedding event is just days away now! We’ve given our free tickets away to lucky reader Sierra Kalain, but you can still buy tickets, here! (P.S. Use “HalfOffTheNW” for 50% off your ticket!) To curb our excitement, we’re giving you guys another look into our visit to the Styled Shoot. All of the incredible work and effort poured into a beautiful shoot had an amazing force behind it: the vendors! In addition to seeing their work, we got to meet them and talk with them about the NotWedding, what they do, and what makes their work more than worth it:


Kaitie Bryant – Owner of Canvas Studio and Kaitie Bryant Photography

picture by Kaitie Bryant

Photo by Kaitie Bryant Photography

Why did you decide to work with the NotWedding? Have you worked with the NotWedding before? 

I decided to participate in the NotWedding because it’s an awesome opportunity to be creative as a photographer and to have the chance to help style the wedding attire and decor, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! I have participated in the NotWedding in Atlanta in 2013 and the first Athens NotWedding last fall.   

picture by Kaitie Bryant 4

Photo by Kaitie Bryant Photography

What was your favorite part of the Styled Shoot?

I loved getting to see different creative people come together and style the shoot.  I also loved that Canvas Studio could be used to help facilitate these types of shoots and provide a space for people to create.  My personal favorite part of the shoot was the skull used a centerpeice- such an awesome and surprising idea!

picture by Kaitie Bryant 3

Photo by Kaitie Bryant Photography

Do you enjoy working with other vendors for events like this?

It is so great to meet other vendors, which is one of the best parts of the NotWedding.  Working in creative businesses can often be a lonely job since you aren’t in a large group setting for most of your work, so that makes these networking opportunities that much more important.  It’s amazing to see the talent of other people in areas I know nothing about, and see how they are using their passion to create as a career.  Friendships in the industry make a huge difference because we can all encourage each other and learn from one another about business and life!

What are you looking forward to most for the 3rd Athens NotWedding event?

 I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone’s work comes together for the event.  It’s amazing to go from an inspiration board that gives vendors ideas on the overall look and style of the event and then seeing it become a reality with everyone’s unique eye and abilities.  I am in charge of designing the tables centerpieces for a few tables and picking out attire for the wedding party, so seeing it all come together will be awesome!


Liz Townsend – Owner of Liddabits Design Shop

View More:

Paper Goods by Liddabits Design Shop, Photo by Tulle and Grace Fine Art Photography

Why did you decide to work with the NotWedding?

I first heard about the NW a few months after I started my business at an indie wedding show in Atlanta. Once I heard about the brilliant concept of letting potential clients and vendors experience your service instead of you having to explain and convince them from a 10×10 booth at a traditional show, I was sold. However I was a new biz with no money, so I decided to scope it out as an attendee the first time around. After that I knew I had to be involved. I have participated in every Atlanta NW since 2012, and I have also participated in several markets outside Atlanta including Charleston, Nashville and Athens.

The biggest reason I started participating was the opportunity for in-use photos of my stuff, and it is still one of the top reasons I continue to participate. But the best reason to get involved, which I didn’t expect, is the amazing relationships you can develop my getting into the network of like-minded vendors in your community. By connecting with vendors before the NotWedding in activities like this styled shoot, you can make those relationships even stronger. The referrals, additional opportunities and just plain fun of having friends that “get it” as a business owner are the biggest perks I’ve gotten from this show.

Paper Goods by Liz Townsend 3

Paper Goods by Liddabits Design Shop, Photo by Kelsey Lauren Photography

What was your favorite part of the StyledShoot?

My favorite part of any shoot is working with new people I haven’t met before and making new connections. This was my first time working with Chlesea from Poppy La’Rue and it’s always fun to connect new vendors to ones I already work with, like Lisa from The Sweet Trend who I worked with to create the styled sweets table. Lisa is a new NotWedding vendor as well, and I feel as a veteran of so many NotWeddings it’s my job to spread the love and connect everyone!

Do you enjoy working with other vendors for events like this?

The biggest bang for your buck is to get involved in these types of shoots before the event, not only because you will get more exposure, but also because you will have more time to grow those relationships, whether new or old. It also gives me an opportunity to practice with some of my design concepts before the actual NotWedding event.

i love you too weddings

Paper Goods by Liddabits Design Shop, Photo by I Love You Too Weddings

What are you looking forward to most for the 3rd Athens NotWedding event?

I seriously considered having a wedding in the space that we are using for this NW, so I’m really excited to put a few ideas I had for my own wedding into play in the Atrium [at the Classic Center]. It’s such a huge space and I’m excited to see if my vision comes through. I’m working with Lisa from The Sweet Trend again to style a super fun sweets bar and Kim from Holland Daze to design the head table – two of my favorite areas at any NotWedding (or really any wedding!)


Chelsea Hobson – Owner of Poppy La’Rue Photography

photo by Poppy La'Rue Photography, Chelsea Hobson

Photo by Poppy La’Rue Photography

Why did you decide to work with the NotWedding?

I try to do something “big” every year for my business. Whether it be attending the WPPI convention in Las Vegas, a workshop, etc. This year as I was brainstorming what my big thing would be- I thought of doing a bridal show! I’d never done one, so I didn’t know the ropes. I started searching the web and happened to run across the AMAZING After many “ooo, ahh” moments, immediately applied to be a vendor for the upcoming Athens event! Within a day, they had contacted me and I officially signed on as a vendor! I was so floored by the unique idea of having an actual wedding as a bridal show. Never have I seen anything like it- and I knew right then I wanted to be a part of the awesomeness.

photo by Poppy La'Rue Photography, Chelsea Hobson (3)

 Photo by Poppy La’Rue Photography

What “creative concept” were you thinking about for the StyledShoot? What was your inspiration or some of your ideas for the shoot?

For my creative concept I wanted to bring together different aspects of the popular “boho” theme. I wanted my theme to stand out though! I decided to bring in some desert accents and giving it a little bit of “Arizona” feel, if I must. I wanted to keep a modern mood by using an urban, stylish venue and that is where Canvas Studio came into play. It was perfect. I originally wanted to line my entire table setting with succulents but last minute (and I mean very last minute) as I was leaving to drive to the shoot- I snatched up the old cow skull from my garage (don’t ask why that’s in my garage, okay?) and when we placed everything together on the table, I’m fairly certain angels sang. My boho-urban-desert style was completed.

photo by Poppy La'Rue Photography, Chelsea Hobson (2)

Photo by Poppy La’Rue Photography

What was your favorite part of the shooting the StyledShoot?

My favorite part of the styled shoot was without a doubt SHOOTING it. I absolutely loved meeting new people, working with other vendors and getting the amazing opportunity to photograph their products as well. But if I’m going with my gut here- photographing the styled shoot was just the best! Seeing everything come together, chatting with everyone involved and making some gorgeous pictures is just amazing!


We have MORE Vendor Interviews coming this week, as part of “The 3rd Athens NotWedding Styled Shoot” Exclusive Feature! Stay connected with us for more on the NotWedding Athens event and everything wedding related in the Classic City!


This interview was done by Brittany Lynch. “Britt” is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. She loves writing, enjoying Southern food, and is all about investing in new experiences. And, of course, she loves weddings. You can check out her personal blog here.

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