Your honeymoon is supposed to be a trip that you remember with fondness for the rest of your life. While people often think of somewhere relaxing and tropical for their honeymoon, many have started thinking outside of the box for their honeymoon destinations. Here are 5 honeymoon spots that you may not have considered, but should.



Thailand is probably not the first place you would think of when planning any vacation, especially not your honeymoon getaway. However, Thailand offers a multitude of vacation styles. Breathtaking beaches, a happening nightlife scene, hiking, and waterfall chasing are just a few of the things that this country has to offer. No matter what type of vacation experience you are looking for, Thailand has everything to make it the perfect destination for any couple on their first trip as husband and wife.



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Quebec, Canada

Most people would not think to check out Canada for a travel destination, as it is stereotypically quite cold. However, as one of the ten provinces in country, Quebec has a wide variety of options to offer honeymooners. If you choose to visit Quebec City, you will find yourself in a place much similar to Paris. Montreal will allow you to see a big city, with a lively nightlife scene, and  thousands of hiking trails that give you the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the nature in Canada. Not to mention, its French influence makes it a great spot for wine lovers. Overall, Quebec is a beautiful province that offers the beauty and liveliness of Europe without the high flight fares.



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In regards to tourist destinations, Kenya is a hidden gem. This African country offers the tropical climate that many look for in a honeymoon destination, while also providing opportunities for adventure. One resort in particular that has become quite popular amongst tourists is Giraffe Manor. This hotel, located in Nairobi, Kenya, provides its guests with beautiful scenery, a quiet getaway, and the ability to come face to face with giraffes through your bedroom window. Although this place may not be the ideal vacation spot for just anyone, Kenya is a beautiful country that will give honeymooners an experience different than most others.



Image by Visiting Kenya


Prague, Czech Republic

Anyone who has seen pictures of Prague will immediately put this place on their bucket list. The buildings and palaces of this city will drop your jaw in awe of their beauty. The views are absolutely magnificent. There are a multitude of romantic hotels, for any budget, that will give newlyweds a nice place to come back to after a day filled with sightseeing. Plus, Prague has an excellent food and wine scene. Prague, Czech Republic is the perfect balance of romance, history, and sightseeing that will make any couple’s honeymoon an unforgettable experience, and leave them wishing to return.



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New Zealand

Big cities, rolling hills, hiking, aquatic adventures, and miles of beaches are just a few things that make New Zealand an incredible honeymoon destination. If you want to get away and relax, New Zealand has an entire coastline of beautiful beaches filled with resorts that will allow you to do just that. You can ride horses across this country’s green fields or you can see the Southern Lights. The food is incredible and there are more vineyards than one could count. If you are looking to satisfy your inner nerd, you can visit the fictional world of “Middle Earth,” and see sights from both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. New Zealand has it all and will provide the perfect location for any newlywed couple’s first adventure as husband and wife.



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