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The perfect wedding hashtag has become just as memorable to some couples today as choosing their wedding cake, walking down the aisle, or dancing to their first song! Creating a couples hashtag can be one of the first fun parts of planning your wedding. However, if you’re having trouble making your phrase just right, here’s some inspiration to help you come up with the best wedding hashtag!

Be Creative, Think Big!

A good place to start with creating your couples hashtag is your names! Some easy basics are first, last and nicknames. Your guests will be more likely to remember your hashtag if it actually has some version of your name in it. However, numbers can be used to mix it up as well, expressing dates, addresses or any other wordplay. Punny hashtags are a playful and enjoyable way for everyone to remember your wedding! Alliterations, homonyms, rhymes, and synonyms are clever ways to create a fun phrase. If nothing comes to mind, there are several other ways to implement your relationship into a hashtag, like hometowns, unforgettable memories, song lyrics, or common interests or hobbies. 

Mix Up the Word Length. 

If you think your phrase may be too long, don’t worry! Guests won’t care if your wedding hashtag is a mouthful, and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook will automatically type out the hashtag after one time. Shortening words can be helpful to create a better flow. A name that may not easily rhyme with anything or may be hard to spell correctly might be easier to work with if it’s abbreviated. Switching up word length can help open up more choices for puns or rhymes!

Photo Courtesy of Blane Marable

Use a Wedding Generator! 

Still racking your brain for a catchy hashtag? Don’t be afraid to use an online wedding generator! Your hashtag should not be the most stressful part of your wedding. Make technology your friend by using the hundreds of free hashtag generators online. Although this option can be tempting to jump to immediately, try not to settle for the first appealing hashtag you see. Your wedding hashtag should symbolize both of your personalities and relationship, reflecting who you both are as a couple. 

Write It Out First.

Now that you have your hashtag drafted, it’s time to proofread before posting it for your wedding. Although the phrase may sound perfect out loud, on paper it may look awkward or combine to spell an inappropriate word. You may need to go back to shorten a certain word, or move a word around if the hashtag includes double letters from two different words. Capitalizing the first letter of each word helps your guests recognize the start of each word and understand your pun. By writing out your wedding hashtag, you can double check for potential misspellings or any other accidental technical errors.

Photo Courtesy of Blane Marable

Check Your Hashtag!

Make sure someone hasn’t already used your hashtag by checking on social media! Granted, the chance that nothing pops up under your hashtag is rare. But by looking up the phrase, you can see how popular your wedding hashtag was amongst other couples or even random accounts. However, by doing your research before posting your hashtag, it won’t be too late to switch around a word or spell something uniquely. This way, your phrase will stand out and not get mixed up with another wedding . The point of a hashtag is to produce a living, online wedding album that everyone can contribute to!

Spread the Word!

After you’ve decided on the wedding hashtag for you, spread the word! Tell your wedding party, include it on your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and write it on your wedding website if you have one. Post it along with any wedding updates or countdowns to keep your guests in the loop! At your actual wedding, make sure to have physical reminders of your hashtag. Cute props, guest books, welcome signs, or wedding favors are the perfect opportunity to prompt your guests to use your wedding hashtag. Some original ideas could be incorporating the phrase on your menu, program, bar or method of transportation!

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