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Your wedding guest book is important because it allows you to relive your wedding in memories for years to come; however, it is easy to forget about until the last minute and oftentimes can look the same as everyone else’s. Ditch the traditional guest book and opt for some more creative types of guest books- though not necessarily all in book form. The options are endless and can reflect the theme of the wedding or personality of you and your fiance. Here are a few ideas to create meaningful and unique guest logs at your wedding!

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  1. Polaroid pictures

Years after your wedding, it can become difficult to remember every name on your guest list. A Polaroid book is a great way to keep the memory alive with both a face and a name. Simply provide guests with a Polaroid camera and ask them to paste their image into your guest book with their name and a sweet message.

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2. Wine Bottle

Having guests sign a signature wine bottle is a fun way to record names at your wedding. You can certainly offer a separate notebook for more personal messages, but a wine bottle can be used as decoration for years to come. 

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3. Shadow Box

A shadow box is another crafty way to revamp your guestbook. Guests can write sweet messages on wooden pieces and drop them into a shadow box for a timeless reminder of all the guests who shared your special day with you.

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4. Jenga Set

For the boardgame-loving couple, have guests write a message on individual Jenga pieces. This is not only a creative way to display a little bit of your personality through your wedding activities, but the Jenga pieces will also come in handy at your next family game night! 

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5. Bucket List

In lieu of asking guests for their signature, ask guests for an idea of an adventure to take together- whether a new place, a new skill, or a plan, have your guests help you build your bucket list with your fiance. This is a creative way to get guests engaged with not only your wedding, but also your future as a couple! 

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6. Sign a Globe

For the couple that loves to travel, having your guests sign a globe is another great way to let your personality shine throughout your wedding. Directing guests to sign on a specific location allows them to interact with your guest log and recall memories you shared with them- for example, ask your guests to sign in a location they visited with you or a location they recommend for you and your fiance to visit. 

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7. Record

If you and your fiance love music, this is a great alternative to a guest book! Buy a few old records and have guests sign them to create a memorable guest log that incorporates something special to you and your fiance. 

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8. Build a Quilt 

Provide scraps of fabric and have guests sign each with a fabric marker. After your wedding, sew the scraps of fabric together to create a quilt of memories from your wedding. This is a great project to complete with your fiance after the wedding is over! 

The choices you make for your wedding don’t all have to be by the books, and that includes your guest book! Whichever method you choose to record guest’s signatures at your wedding, you should have fun with it and let it show off your personality. There are dozens of more options for creatively recording memories in a way your guests will never forget! 

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