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As a different take on weddings and a combination of two holidays in one, a Halloween Wedding is a perfect way to create a spooky happy-ever-after. 

Why have a Halloween Wedding?

Many couples choose to do a Halloween wedding for one of two reasons: they are Halloween enthusiasts or they want to have an extremely memorable yet unique wedding. Below, we are going to run through the necessities of having a flawless spooky yet glamorous wedding.

Dressing for the Occasion

Wedding Dress: In order to dress in the spirit of Halloween, the bride has three main options depending on how untraditional a route they choose to take: all black, vintage lace, or a costume of her choice.

  • Black Wedding Dress: Black Wedding Dresses take the opposite route of a traditional white wedding dress and, because Halloween weddings basically scream untraditional, a black wedding dress can truly make a hair-raising statement.
  • Vintage Lace: Whether it’s your mother’s old wedding dress that suits the occasion (cost-effective as well), a dress purchased from a vintage bridal store, a vintage-looking dress, or even a custom-made dress, vintage lace can keep your wedding dress slightly traditional, while also adding to the theme.
  • Costume of Choice: The bride may also choose to do a costume of her choice (perhaps even a couple costume that would include the groom as well) or a vampire bride, zombie bride, or something of the sort.

Wedding Guests: Depending on the choice of dress, wedding guests may either be required to wear all black or dress in a costume of their choice (and maybe even act the part for the night!)


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Pumpkins, cauldrons, and witch hats, oh my! A majority of the fun of Halloween weddings comes from the ability to decorate Halloween themed, of course. Centerpieces of dramatic candles, dried flowers and painted pumpkins, lace tablecloths, jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and maybe even fake monsters – it depends on the angle you decide to take whether it be scary or the lighthearted fun side that makes the guests reminisce their childhood. Below are Pinterest boards to spark some ideas for decorations.



Halloween Themed Food & Drink

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  • Cake: Haunted House, Jack-O-Lantern, a massive spider, a skeleton, a tombstone, or even a combination! Take a look at this Pinterest page for fun ideas!
  • Drink: Witches Cauldron punch (spiked and unspiked), very bloody marys, purple potions, and pumpkin-spiced white Russians – the possibilities are endless as any drink can turn into a Halloween themed drink (especially when served in fun glasses). Take a look at this Pinterest page for more ideas!


Include some Halloween Activities as an option to do at your wedding! Diving for apples, trick-or-treating for the children attending the wedding, and pumpkin carving are all excellent ideas!


An Eerie and mysterious location such as an old (maybe even haunted) mansion or an outdoor, wooded location is the last component of your Halloween wedding. In the Athens area, there are three venues to consider.

  • The Taylor-Grady House (Athens, GA): As a historic house museum and National Historic Landmark, the Taylor-Grady House accommodates up to 350 people and has the potential to create a very eerie scene. http://www.taylorgradyhouse.com/
  • Thompson House and Gardens (Athens, GA): With the addition of decorations, the Thompson House and Gardens has an indoor and outdoor space perfect for a haunted Halloween wedding and accommodates up to 200 people. https://thethompsonhouseandgardens.com/
  • The Estate (Atlanta, GA): Slightly outside of Athens, The Estate is a historic mansion sitting on three acres featuring a beautiful outdoor courtyard and an indoor ballroom. https://www.facebook.com/3109PiedmontEstate/

Hopefully, this helped to give some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween wedding!

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