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One of the oldest traditions for a bride on their wedding day is incorporating something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue into their wedding attire. Over the years, this tradition has become more of a superstition for brides. This saying derives from an old english poem “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe” which is meant to represent prosperity and good luck in your marriage. Follow this guide for a few ideas to make your “something’s” truly special to you.

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Something Old

The “something old” element of the poem is meant to represent a few things. Other than the general good luck notion, it’s been known to represent the progression of time and marriage, and honor past marriages in your family. Luckily, something old can be a number of things in your wedding attire. One of the most common items for this element is wearing old jewelry from a relative. This can be anything from earrings and necklaces to crowns or hair clips. If your fiancé proposed to you with a family heirloom engagement ring, you’ve already got the perfect something old for your wedding day. Choosing to wear your mothers’ or grandmothers’ wedding dress or vail for your big day is another way to honor past marriages and check  “something old” off your list. 

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Something New

Being my personal favorite, “something new” is the next item in the poem. Something new, of course, is meant to represent this new chapter in your life and a cheerful and positive future. The most common (and most expensive) something new among brides today is the wedding dress. So, if you’ve purchased your dream dress straight from the rack, your something new is good to go! However, if you’ve chosen to go the “something old” route with your dress, consider buying some fancy new jewelry to compliment your style, or modernize your dress with a twinkling belt to complete your something new. I’m sure you’ll have no problem checking off this box!

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Something Borrowed

The third element in the poem, something borrowed can be many different items on your wedding day. The idea of borrowing something from a happily married couple is meant to bring you and your spouse the same good fortune that was brought to them. A common something borrowed is the wedding veil. Borrowed from your happily married girlfriend or family member, the veil can be worn just for the ceremony, then returned to its owner. If wearing a veil isn’t quite your style, you can borrow a hair clip, or the earrings you saw Katie wear the other day that you just have to borrow. A unique something borrowed idea could be borrowing the ring box used at another of your friends or family members’ wedding. The ring box could be the start of a something borrowed tradition that continues for years to come. 

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Something Blue 

Who doesn’t need a pop of color in their life? To complete your modern poem, something blue can be achieved in many different and fun ways. The most common something blue among brides today is choosing a swanky pair of blue shoes for strutting down the aisle and dancing the night away. If you’ve already fallen in love with a pair of shoes, and they’re not blue, consider finding some elegant blue jewelry or wrapping your bouquet in blue cloth. If you’re wanting something blue, but not wanting it to be seen, get a blue garter! Garters are worn around the thigh under the dress, not to be seen by any of your guests. 

Take time to thoughtfully figure out which items work best for you and represent you as a bride and a soon-to-be wife. But, whatever you choose to do, don’t forget the sixpence in your shoe. 


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