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When planning your wedding, most brides immediately think of Fall or Spring as the perfect season for the big day, but this is not always true. There are many advantages of having a fabulous wedding in winter, even though you may not be aware of them. Along with holiday excitement and beautiful winter decorations, the spirit of the season is enough to make your wedding spectacular. Below are some major advantages to why a winter wedding is a great option if we haven’t sold you on it already!

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While a summer wedding might seem ideal for some, winter weather might be a much better option in the long run. In the summer, many places can be sweltering hot or humid which isn’t fun for the bride, groom, or any of the guests. This weather can be extremely uncomfortable and force any wedding inside for the rest of the night, not to mention ruin a bride’s perfect makeup. At a winter wedding, you definitely won’t encounter any issues with hot, humid weather. Guests can easily put on a jacket or shawl and enjoy the cool, dry weather while keeping their clothes, hair and makeup looking perfect. But do pay attention to the weather if you are expecting a snowy season, although that could add to the experience if everyone has a safe place to stay!

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Better Rates and Availability

Along with the stigma of having a winter wedding, comes better availability and dates during these winter months. If you are trying to have your wedding in Spring, many venues can be booked far in advance due to the desirability of these dates. Because winter is considered a wedding “off-season” for many couples, the rates are lower and you can book a venue for your perfect date with less hassle.

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It’s the Holiday Season

You might as well take advantage of the most highly decorated season of them all. With a winter wedding, most venues will already be decorated for the holidays which will leave you with less stress when planning that aspect of your nuptials. This is also a bonus because many people are naturally happier around the holiday season due to all of the excitement.  Piggy-backing on your guests’ happy attitudes will provide for the most enjoyable and fun wedding atmosphere.

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Fab Photo Opps

Along with this season comes gorgeous natural backgrounds for many locations which can provide you with pictures that everyone will be envious of. If you live in a snowy location, this can provide a crisp, white background that will complement any wedding party perfectly. This also applies to mountainous areas for a one of a kind, snow-capped mountain backdrop for your pictures. With a beautiful bouquet of richly hued flowers, this will make for some fabulous wedding pics.

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Great Travel Rates

Like I said before, a winter wedding is a great way to take advantage of off-season rates, especially for travel. Because it is an off-season for a lot of locations, there is a good chance that accommodations for guests will be much more affordable. Many people are also getting time off around the holidays or get holiday bonuses which make this an even better time for travel. Guests will be ready and excited to get out of town for a fun wedding event!

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Allllll the Attention

Winter is the perfect time to have a wedding because for a lot of guests, this will be the highlight event of their season! In the Spring and Summer months, there are usually weddings back to back which can be tiring for guests by their 4th wedding in a row. By the time winter comes around, your guests will be ready to get dolled up in fabulous holiday attire to celebrate, since it’s probably been a while! You even get to pair the dresses with some adorable winter shawls!

While I’ve presented you with the advantages of a winter wedding, don’t forget about some disadvantages that can be avoided with correct planning. If you are planning an outdoor wedding make sure guests have the right attire to stay warm and if you are hosting the wedding in a snowy place, be aware of blizzards! For more seasonal wedding inspo and tips for the big day check out our other posts at weddingsinathens.com!


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