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When it comes time to selecting those lucky members of your inner circle who you wish to share your special day with, obstacles can get in the way. Choosing your maid of honor and bridesmaids may have been a no brainer for you, but if you are like many others and have no little girl in your life to fill the role of a flower girl, or you have simply decided against it, don’t stress! Couples these days are branching out and getting creative with their wedding parties, and one of the best ways to do this is putting a new spin on the traditional flower girl.  If you don’t have a flower girl, here are some alternative options!

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Friend or Family Member

Perhaps you have opted to have an adults-only wedding or don’t have any little cousins or close friends with children young enough to be a flower girl. This may seem like a huge issue, but the solution to that problem is all around you! Forget the age stigma, and draft a family member or friend! This could be a bridesmaid or groomsman. You can even give the honor to someone who has not yet been recruited to be a part of the bridal party which would make it twice as special. The more the merrier! If you also don’t want to leave the rings to such a little kid or run the risk of a meltdown at the top of the aisle, steer clear from the risks and divvy up the responsibility of holding the rings to the maid of honor and best man. My personal favorite, though, is having you or your partner’s grandma be the flower girl because what is more cute and memorable than that!

Photo Creds: Athens Weddings Photographer Blane Marable


One alternative that will be sure to make a lasting entrance to your wedding ceremony is having your adorable pet fill the role and even deliver the rings down the aisle. If your dog is well trained and capable of the job, you can tie the rings to his collar and have him walk unattended to his loving owners. This may take some practice, but have faith in your trusty companion! If you are dead set on having your dog be a part of the ceremony, but are wary of things going awry, you can decorate his leash and harness or even pull him in a wagon being led by someone of your choosing. Afterall, your faithful pup has been there through all the bad times and good, so why not include him or her when it’s time to tie the knot!

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Opt-out Completely

If you are struggling to find a flower girl and have no backup plans, you have the option to do away with the old tradition entirely. Some couples decide to pre-decorate the aisles with petals prior to the ceremony which eradicates the need for a flower girl altogether. You could even skip the petals, saving them for your centerpieces, and elect to having two ring bearers. For an even more fun and unique touch, have them carry banners or sparklers to announce that the bride is coming.

Whether or not you decide to have a flower girl, the decision is ultimately up to you. It’s your big day and you have no reason to explain yourself. Keep in mind it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a flower girl because there are many alternatives that can make your wedding ceremony even more magnificent than you could have dreamed. 


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