I am a fervent proponent of adding personal touches throughout the entire engagement-nuptial process, and music is no exception.  Fifty years from now, when you are telling your grandchildren the story of your wedding, your song choices – if they were of sentimental importance to you – are what will enable you to not only recall your wedding day, but to also hear and feel your wedding day. Recent research suggests that events are easiest to remember when associated with one of the five senses: in this case, sound.

So, if you’ve hired a DJ, request a playlist with songs that have always made you and your hubby dance. If you’ve chosen to jump on the “band wagon,” hire a group that will play the song from the end of that movie she dragged you to see last year. You can’t go wrong!

If you’d prefer a unique approach to your musical selections, you might considering hiring an a cappella ensemble to serenade your guests during your ceremony or reception. The University of Georgia currently has four a cappella ensembles on campus, including Noteworthy, the all-female group that celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.


Noteworthy has ample experience with singing at weddings throughout Athens and the greater Atlanta area. Their current repertoire features songs made popular by artists such as Train and includes “Marry Me,” “Fools Rush”, “The Prayer”, “Let it be”, and “God Gave Me You.” You may hire Noteworthy for a fresh take on your processional (a.k.a. the bridal party’s walk down the aisle), to sing during cocktail hour, or for any other part of your day.


If booked a few months before an event, Noteworthy will write a special arrangement of any song requested by the bride and groom. Imagine hearing a live rendition of your favorite song floating in the air as you walk gracefully down the aisle! For more details and a sample of their sound, you may visit uganoteworthy.com or e-mail uganoteworthy@gmail.com.


Remember: whether you choose a band, a DJ, or a fancy a cappella ensemble, every personal detail incorporated into your wedding will foster an atmosphere of harmony (both musical and relational). Your wedding day is yours to control! Take advantage of it!


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