Photo Creds: Athens Weddings Photographer Blane Marable

I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “a photo is worth a thousand words,” so when it comes time for couples to start preparing for their big day, most turn to booking a photoshoot. If you are finding yourself caught in the craziness that is engagement photos, try starting off with the basics and choosing a location. Truth be told, I can’t think of a better place to start than the beautiful city of Athens, Georgia. With so many unique options packed into one place, it can be hard to narrow down one that suits your style the best, so I’ve created a list of picture-perfect locations that will be sure to catch your eye.

Photo Creds: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Iron Horse

If you are looking for a rustic setting to take your engagement pictures, Iron Horse is the place for you. After discovering this hidden gem located in Watkinsville, you will find a large pasture to  give your photoshoot a very natural feel. In the rural cornfields lay a legendary sculpture of a horse that has continued to attract students and locals for years; at least those who are lucky enough to know about it! The simplicity of Iron Horse will allow your shots to radiate peace and tranquility. Hop in your car and travel to the outskirts of town, and keep in mind that the one thing you surely don’t want to miss is the breathtaking sunset. Nothing compares to golden hour at the Iron Horse and the chance to capture some incredible silhouette shots. Bring a blanket and some food for a picnic to make the experience even more enjoyable!

Photo Creds: Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable 

North Campus

Whether you are an alumni or not, the University of Georgia’s north campus is a well-established location for photoshoots of any kind. From college formals to graduations and everything in between, north campus never fails to deliver flawless photos. When standing in the heart of north campus, the photo opps are limitless. Surrounded by historical buildings with huge white pillars and massive trees that are hundreds of years old, it’s no wonder this location is always a top pick. When scheduling your photoshoot, try avoiding times when campus will be filled with busy college students by sticking to weekends, unless it’s football season! The last thing you want is your engagement shoot to fall on a jam packed Saturday in Athens! Lastly, if you and your sweetheart did happen to meet at UGA, why not go back to where it all began and show your bulldawg pride!

Photo Creds: Nicole Flores Photography

State Botanical Garden

With every direction you look, the view is more breathtaking than the next at the State Botanical Gardens located only 3 miles from downtown. Displayed across 313 acres of land, this option holds numerous themed gardens filled with a wide variety of flowers that will supply an endless amount of gorgeous backdrops. Peak season is in the spring, but no matter what time of year you go, you won’t leave disappointed. The pops of color from the flowers will appeal to those looking for a fun and nature styled shoot. Keep in mind you might want to wear a basic solid dress to really stand out amongst the scenery. If you already have a color scheme picked, you can even keep this in mind when scoping out the landscape. Just a heads up, any professional photography requires a photo permit, but arrangements can easily be made.
Photo Creds: Susan Elizabeth Photography

Sandy Creek Park

Though not quite as popular as the other items on this list, Sandy Creek Park is the quintessential location for engagement photos in Athens. The park offers many activities that will make your engagement session here stand out from the rest. Ranging from nature trails to open access to Lake Chapman, this park is a match for you if you want the style of your shoot to be down to earth and organic. Don’t forget to bring some props like your fishing rods and canoe  for some adorable action shots. For even more fun, consider bringing along your pup because what’s cuter than including your fur baby in your special moment? The warm glow of the sun and gorgeous lighting will definitely help to make your love shine even stronger while the lake scenery and adventure will fill the air with romance.

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