You just got chosen to be the best man or a groomsman in your best bud’s wedding. What does that mean? What are you supposed to do? No worries, guys! We have compiled a checklist of everything you can help with to make sure your friend has the best wedding.

1. Plan and give the bachelor party.

The best man is in charge of planning every detail of the bachelor party to make sure everyone has a great time. He should invite people and keep track of who all is coming. The best man plans all of the activities that will take place at the bachelor party and where everyone who is coming will stay. This seems like a fun task, but planning a whole party takes a lot of work, so make sure you stay on top of all the small details!


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2. Coordinate a gift for the groom from all of the groomsmen.

The best man should decide on a gift for the groom from all of the groomsmen. Each of the groomsmen will chip in to help pay for the gift. The present can be given to the groom at the bachelor party. The groom will appreciate the gift and be thankful for all of his groomsmen.

3. Attend the rehearsal/ rehearsal dinner and give a toast!

The rehearsal is extremely important. It is a practice round, so everyone in the wedding knows what to do, where to go and when to do so. The groomsmen and best man should pay attention during the rehearsal, so they won’t miss a thing and mess up on the big day! It is critical that they know every detail just in case any has questions on the actual wedding day!

The best man and groomsmen should also attend the rehearsal dinner, which is after the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner is a fun time for everyone to get together to celebrate the soon-to-be-married couple. The best man should be prepared to give a toast in honor of the couple!


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4. Help the groom get dressed on the big day.

On the actual wedding day, the best man and groomsmen play a crucial part. They should help the groom get dressed, making sure he looks his best! The groom is most likely a little nervous, so his best man and groomsmen should keep him calm and make sure everything is perfect before he walks down the aisle. The groomsmen should also make sure that they are all dressed correctly with their boutonnieres.


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5. At the reception, act as the host!

After the wedding has happened, the best man should head to the reception. At the reception, the best man should basically act as the host. He should organize the groomsmen for photos that will be taken by a formal photographer. He can dance with the bride and the maid of honor. The best man should also plan who will make toast at the reception. He should make sure that the reception is running smoothly while also having a great time with his buds.


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These are just the bare minimum tasks that the best man and groomsmen should take care of. There are many more things that they can help out with depending on what the bride and groom would like them to assist with. In most cases, it is best to just gauge what you think needs to be done to make the bride and groom have the perfect wedding. The greatest best man and groomsmen frequently ask the engaged couple what they can help with!

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