When the wedding is over and you’ve come back from your honeymoon, you may want to get your bridesmaids something to say ‘thank you’ for all they’ve done to help you leading up to and on your big day. Athens has one of the most distinguished local shopping scenes for a small college town. The styles range from Southern preppy to bohemian to everything in between. It’s the perfect place to find your bridesmaids something they’ll love and appreciate just as much as they love and appreciate you! Here are a few fun local stores in Athens to shop around in and some ideas to spark your creativity!

Dynamite Athens

Photo by Guide 2 Athens

One word to describe Dynamite would be eclectic—not only do they offer vintage items from almost every recent decade, but they also carry adorable new pieces that fit any style. Some of their greatest pieces are their accessories. They have the coolest collection of sunglasses that range from sophisticate to totally out of this world. At their checkout counter, they have bowls full of rings and pins that are simply irresistible. Dynamite Athens is for your edgier bridesmaids, the ones who like to wear pins on their denim and usually buy vintage instead of new. Dynamite Athens is also relatively inexpensive, so you could gift them each a pair of sunglasses tailored to their style with a few pins and cute earrings and throw in something from their random accessories wall (think scrunchies, fun socks, etc.). It would make the perfect little gift basket!

Cheeky Peach

Photo by Hustle + Halcyon

Cheeky Peach is a great place to find gifts for your bridesmaids who are up-to-date with the latest trends and are obsessed with fashion. This store is also one of the biggest in Athens, with recent renovations making it almost twice its former size. They carry bigger brands such as Free People and Steve Madden, but they also carry their own trend items. If you’re looking to get your bridesmaids something you know they will use, Cheeky Peach is a good place to shop. An idea is to gift them each a beautiful Betsy Pittard necklace; it’s an expensive gift, but her necklaces are the perfect casual layering piece for any look. Cheeky Peach carries all different types of fashionable items, but casual jewelry is always a safe option.


Photo by Online Athens

Community is one of the most interesting stores in Athens because all of their items focus on sustainability. They offer redesigned vintage clothing and clothing made by local designers. They also feature other items besides clothing made by local Athens artists, including home decor, soaps, chocolates, etc. This is the perfect place to get your environmentally conscious bridesmaids gifts that not only they will adore, but you’ll feel great about giving back to the community. If your bridesmaids wouldn’t love clothes or jewelry, this is also a great place to get them something locally crafted, such as nice soap or cute throw pillows. It’s all stylish, sustainable and local. What else could you want in a store?

Wuxtry Records

Photo by Bikabout

Not many people would think to get bridesmaids records for a gift, but I think it’s a cute idea! It’s an especially great gift for your friends and family who love music or just great home décor—my roommates and I have records hanging in our living room. Wuxtry Records has been buying, selling and trading records for over 40 years, so you can find any type of music to gift. You can either focus on your bridesmaids’ musical tastes, or you can pick out beautiful record covers. Either way, it’s an unusual gift, and your bridesmaids will keep it forever.

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