By Catherine Satcher

Whether you’re wearing a vintage style piece adorned with fine lace or an elegant trumpet dress, I Do I Do Bridal in Athens, GA can help you find the perfect bridesmaid’s dress to compliment your breathtaking gown.

Last week, our interns had the privilege of visiting the boutique and trying on a number of different gowns and bridesmaid dresses. With the help of Katie and Maggie, two of I Do I Do’s wonderful consultants, we were able to gain first hand experience in picking out the perfect bridesmaids dresses to match any style wedding dress.

What We Learned:

When going with a vintage style dress that has a lot of character and personalized uniqueness it is usually a good idea to find a dress with a much simpler feel or style. Interns, Brenna and Emmeline, were able to try on some vintage style pieces and we found a few styles that depending on your color and length preference would go great with this style dress. The bridesmaids dresses picked out by Katie and Maggie are four of the most popular styles picked out in their boutique.


Our pick:  Because of the uniqueness of this dress we decided adding a contrasting color and texture would bring out the details in a vintage style dress. Also the different style of neckline helped to highlight the beautiful sleeves on both dresses.


The ballroom gown, which brings another level of elegance and southern flare, was best met with a bridesmaid dress of length and complimenting elegance. We found that the longer slimming dresses complimented the bride by creating the opposite effect that the robust bottom half of the bridal gown had. Here was our pick.



 Katie and Maggie also informed us on how popular open back dresses are right now and how the back of the dress is just as important as the front when walking down the isle.


Katherine was able to try on a beautiful gown with a sweetheart style neck and a full skirt. This piece is a popular style right with its supportive straps and detailed back design. The full but seemingly plain skirt brought a complimenting simplicity to the detail in the top half of this dress. We decided to go with a dress entirely made of lace to match the upper half of this dress. Even though the beige bridesmaid’s dress is made of lace we found the shorter length helped not to take away from the detail and elegance of the longer, fuller bridal gown.

Here’s our pick.



Lastly, a popular flare and fit or trumpet style brought together with a simple sash was put in front of all four of our bridesmaid’s dresses. The simplicity of the dress allowed us to see how all four dresses could make for a perfect fit for this tasteful wedding gown. This dress may provide you with the greatest number of options in terms of bridesmaid dresses in terms of color, style, and length. We found the blue halter dress as the best fit for this dress, offering another type of neckline and bodice style.


Remember that it’s your special day. Worry about your gown first and then find the perfect bridesmaid dresses to compliment you! For more information and ideas for your wedding fashions check out our video below featuring the most popular styles of dresses, sashes, veils, and other wedding attire at I Do I Do Bridal Boutique!

This post was written by Catherine Satcher an Advertising major at UGA. She was born in Atlanta, GA and is entering her third year at UGA.

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All photos by Blane Marable

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