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Any bride knows that the engagement proposal isn’t the only important proposal she needs to worry about. The bridesmaid proposal is important, too! It’s a special way for a bride to show her girls just how much they mean to her and how much she wants them standing next to her on her big day. A cute way to propose to your bridesmaids is with a proposal box. You can put anything you can think of inside your proposal box, but here are the essentials you need to put together the sweetest proposal boxes ever! 

Essential #1: A theme

Although a theme isn’t exactly necessary, it is definitely helpful! It’s easy to get lost in the options, so having a theme for your proposal box can give you some direction and help you stay on track as you shop for items. The theme can be anything you can think of – a place, a color or even an inside joke between you and your bridesmaids. Don’t stress about it too much, just think of a theme you and your bridesmaids will love and run with it!  

Essential #2: A gorgeous box

This may seem like a given, but you can’t underestimate the importance of the actual proposal box! You can’t use just any old box to propose to your bridesmaids. The box sets the tone of everything that’s inside, so you want to make sure the box is special. You can order beautifully decorated boxes or make your own to add a personal touch. Make sure you have some adorable filler to stuff the box with, too. Little touches go a long way! 

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Essential #3: A thoughtful card

The more sentimental your box is, the more special your proposal will be! A sweet card is the perfect way to help you express your love for your girls. Or you can go another direction and include a funny card in your proposal box. Why not make your girls laugh through their tears of happiness? Either way, a card is definitely a proposal box essential. 

Essential #4: Some cute goodies

The possibilities are endless when it comes to items you can put in your proposal box. Wine glasses, bath bombs, t-shirts, jewelry, blankets, pajamas, robes, candles, mugs, stationery, pens, makeup bags…the sky is really the limit! To make your bridesmaids feel extra special, add some personalized goodies to the box. Personalization may add some cost, but many personalized items can be bought in bulk to save you some money. You can have almost anything you can think of personalized and it’s sure to be a hit!

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Essential #5: Delicious treats

Who doesn’t love snacks? Snacks are a great finishing touch for your proposal boxes. You can pick anything from custom M&Ms, macarons, pretzels, gummies, cookies, and cake pops to mini wine bottles. One or a few of them will make for the perfect addition to your proposal box. 


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