Even though most of us view a wedding as an event for ourselves, we cannot deny that we want to cater to and impress our guests at the reception. The reception is the time to show hospitality to those who attended your wedding and allow them to let loose. Having a welcoming, comfortable environment for you and your guests is important to guarantee a good time for everyone.


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A major factor that affects the mood of a wedding reception is the type of music played. When considering the kind of music you want to be played at your reception, there are three things to ask yourself: do I want a live band, do I want a DJ to play music for me, or do I want to play music off my own device? The best way to go about this decision is to make sure you are choosing what will make you happy, but will also keep your guests entertained.


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It is highly likely that majority of your guests will be satisfied with any of the three ways you choose to play your music. One more thing to consider though is that many guests get very interactive with live music. Having a performer or band at your reception is a guaranteed way to ensure that your guests will be on their feet. If you choose a band to play at your reception, make sure that they are willing to play the songs of your choice.

Even if you choose a DJ to play music, or you hook your device up to the speakers yourself, remember to choose a variety of music that your guests will know. Something to be cautious of: we all know technology is prone to malfunctions. If you choose to play your own music from your phone, iPod, etc., remember that it is possible that something could stop working. It is vital to consider these things and have a backup plan just in case!


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No matter how you choose to play your music, when picking your playlist remember that classics are your best friend, and it’s always fun to throw in some dance songs like the Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle. Even if you have heard those songs a million times, remember that your guests will be excited to hear a familiar song and most likely race to the dance floor. You should choose a playlist of mostly upbeat songs that are fun to sing and dance along with and a few slower songs. Can’t forget the slow dance! It is also inadvisable to have two slow songs in a row. You want any slower songs to be followed by an upbeat song in order to grab your guests’ attention.


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Now that I’m sure you have a growing list of favorite songs in your head, start your playlist! The best thing to do when planning your reception is: don’t panic. As long as you plan carefully and have fun with it, everything will work out great and your guests will have an amazing time!

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