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Your big day is almost here! You have planned everything out and it is all finally ready for your big day, but suddenly, you’re not. This is a completely normal feeling for couples right before their wedding day. When these feelings arise, it is important to distinguish if these are just your usual jitters or if you are getting cold feet.

The usual jitters surrounding getting married are totally and completely normal! Nearly every bride and groom experiences this at some point in this process. This is a life changing decision for both of you so you are likely to feel this way.


Image Source: Blane Marable Photography

The ways to tell if it is something that could cause you to call off your wedding are numerous. Overall, you need to think about how letting this person into your life will impact you and your family. Is this the person you see yourself with? Can you love them for their flaws?

This might surprise you but the best way to figure out what your feelings mean is by talking to your partner. If you are probably going to spend the rest of your life together, then you should be able to talk about the hard conversations. Ask your partner the questions you need answered! Even if these conversations are hard, in the end you will be so happy that you communicated with them.

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Image Source: Blane Marable Photography

You can also look to your loved ones for valuable input on your relationship. Outside of you and your significant other, your friends and family are the masters on your relationships. They often know who you have dated in the past and why you have chosen to marry this person. It may be an awkward thing to bring up before a wedding, but these people know you and will be able to give you a fresh set of eyes on the situation.

Seeking out relationship counseling could be another viable option for you and your significant other. At times, putting our thoughts into words is something that seems impossible. A therapist can help you understand how to communicate your fears. This is an especially good option if you feel you don’t know how to tell your significant other about how you have been feeling.

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Image Source: Blane Marable Photography

There is no wedding that doesn’t come with some uncomfortable worries. Sometimes it is only because of nervousness and anxiety, but sometimes it’s more. Make sure that you choose to address these feelings before you say “I do”. Remember you aren’t alone.

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