Planning your wedding can be an exciting, yet stressful, event. Thankfully modern technology can make your life easier by providing a simple way for you to share news and information with your guests: a wedding website. We’ll discuss four of the most popular website creators for weddings and ways to customize your website to make it Dawg Nation or Athens appropriate.

Wedding websites come in all shapes and sizes. They serve as a single space for guests to find information such as times, the locations, dress code, theme and gift registries. A wedding website can be as simple or as advanced as you feel comfortable. Each website creator has its own pros and cons, so we’ll start by looking at those.

Choosing Your Site


The Knot

Pros: Free version, Can be linked with other functions, App

Cons: Limited RSVP customization, Limited site customization

The Knot is designed for brides who want a one-stop-shop for their wedding planning with as little hassle as possible. The website creator offers a multitude of professionally designed themes that the bride can fill out with her information. The Knot also connects each site to other services such as vendors and gift registries. The mobile app is especially useful for managing RSVPs. Overall, it’s a good site for brides who want a professional-looking and pre-designed site.



Pros: Highly customizable, Professional appearance

Cons: Cost, Requires web design experience to get the full usage

Squarespace is a name you probably know. It’s often advertised for small businesses or personal portfolios, so those in the design world may be pretty familiar with it. This site allows you to build your own personal site from the ground up or using simple templates, but this nearly unlimited creative freedom comes with a price. It costs $12 a month for 12 months, $16 month-to-month or a one-time purchase of $20 for a custom domain. In the end, this site is for the couple or bride that has a love of web design and wants a project that makes their wedding site personal.



Pros: More customization, Free version

Cons: Harder to link to other services, Large “Wix” banner on free version

This site is a fair in-between of the customization options of Squarespace but the ease of The Knot. The site allows for additional customization and easy editing of pre-made themes. It lacks the ability to integrate guest lists and registries which means that if you want to include those options, you need the web design knowledge to add them yourself. Overall, this site is for those who want an easy, modern and personal wedding website for beginner web designers.



Pros: Free version, More integrated, More options

Cons: More limited app features

WeddingWire is a wedding website creator that provides a lot of options and is built for wedding planning. This is a website for brides who want a simple website for their guests to use but still want to make sure their site matches their theme. With over 400 templates, there is bound to be a theme for anyone, and the overall clean design of the themes makes them easy to view on mobile and computer browsers. For a bride that wants a website for her guests to find information about locations, times, nearby hotels and gift registries but doesn’t plan to run her guest list or other wedding planning details through the companion mobile app, WeddingWire is the best choice.



When choosing your wedding website, it’s best to know what you want from your site, how much time you intend to invest in building a site and your base knowledge of web design. The Knot and WeddingWire are more or less interchangeable options for a bride that wants a low-time commitment site from a builder dedicated to weddings while Squarespace and Wix are for the brides and couples who want a personal project with better customization option. If you’re interested in the last two sites and want to capture the Classic City spirit, check out Part II, a guide to design elements such as colors, typography and imagery for a Bulldawg or Athens theme. Did you find this helpful and think others might to? Feel free to share this post on social media like Pinterest and use the image above!


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