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Planning your wedding can be an exciting, yet stressful, event. Thankfully modern technology can make your life easier by providing a simple way for you to share news and information with your guests: a wedding website. We’ve included a link to our first article on four of the most popular website creators for weddings, but it’s time to explore ways to customize your website to make it Dawg Nation or Athens appropriate.


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For those who want to build your website from the ground-up or customize your site to capture the Classic City spirit, this post will focus on design elements you can use in you wedding website. We’ll focus on colors, fonts and images to use while also wrapping up with some trademarks that are best to avoid. Each section will cover options for an UGA or an Athens wedding theme.



For UGA-themed websites, we like to call on the Dawg Nation colors, but we also included some calmer, more neutral tones to help balance out a website. Be careful when using bold or vibrant colors because these can make a device screen hard to look at.

For Athens, we took inspiration from two important landmarks: The Classic Center and the Georgia Theatre. The Classic Center provided the brick and deep green colors while the Georgia Theatre brought the historic purple, theatre teal and gold to the table.

Although this article has divided the Dawg Nation and Classic City into separate categories, the two often share colors. UGA has its own Georgia Theatre-inspired colors, and downtown Athens often features UGA reds. When choosing your color palettes, feel free to mix-and-match or pull in other colors from Athens not included in our example palettes.



Our color palettes also feature our example fonts for each theme. Because fonts can be hard to guess, we included a breakdown of each theme and the fonts used at each level below.


  • Titles: Gothic family.
  • Subtitles: Merriweather or similar serif font.
  • Body: Easy-to-read sans-serif font.


  • Titles: Either a bold classic look, such as Alegreya SC, or a script font. You can also use a more dramatic font inspired by the signage around town.
  • Subtitles: A thin or condensed sans-serif font, such as Arial.
  • Body: A simple serif font, such as Times New Roman.

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In this article, we went ahead and took care of the following concerns for you by using appropriately modified or similar color and font suggestions. This section is mostly for any UGA-themed sites, but everyone should keep these suggestions in mind.

  • Always check the licensing or trademarking of highly public, well-recognized symbols! Some organizations are very particular how and when their logos or trademarks are used. UGA is one of these. The Arches and different variations of the Bulldog logo are considered trademarks and should be avoided.
  • When using brand colors, it’s probably best to slightly alter the colors when applicable. For example, black is black, even if UGA calls it “Arch Black”. This color does not need to be altered. “BLANK Red” is a different story. This color may have licensing attached to it, so it would be best to slightly alter the RGB or Hex code of the color before using it.
  • Fonts should be treated similarly. If a font is considered common, you don’t need to worry about using it. But if the font is distinct to that organization, it’s best to use the next closest alternative.
  • The easiest test is to ask if it looks “inspired by”. “Inspired by” is acceptable. It reminds people of the organization or entity, but they wouldn’t mistake it for being an official product of that brand.

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