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You and your fiance have put each other first over everything. You’ve overcome trivial arguments and life’s toughest punches. The journey leading you here has not always been easy, but no matter what, you’ve done it all together, and nothing can drive you apart. Except for maybe one thing: you and your fiance cannot agree on a wedding cake flavor. How do you choose between a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting or the classic vanilla with buttercream, especially if you are on a tight budget? Luckily, there’s a popular wedding trend that allows you to have the best of both worlds: cupcakes as your wedding cake. Look no further than Athens-local Gigi’s Cupcakes for all of your shower, rehearsal dinner and reception needs.

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With two locations in Athens, GA, one in the heart of downtown, and one off of Epps Bridge Parkway at the Oconee Connector, Gigi’s Cupcakes offers a wide variety of cakes and cupcakes suitable for any type of wedding in Athens. The cupcake franchise was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2008, and since then has grown into over 100 locations across the United States. The cupcake chain is just one of many bakeries taking advantage of the growing popularity of “cupcakeries,” or bakeries specializing in cupcakes, across the US in recent years. 

Right here in Athens, the owners of the two locations, Bryan and Tonya McCormick, bring a little taste of Athens to each of their cupcakes. Each Gigi’s cupcake is topped with the bakery’s signature three-tier icing layer, nearly proportional in size to the cake itself. With over 300 delicious recipes to choose from, Gigi’s Cupcakes are sure to please both you and your wedding guests. 

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What once was thought of as simply a kid’s birthday party treat has become a fun yet sophisticated twist on the classic cake. Cupcakes can be as equally decadent and elegant as a traditional wedding cake, and once you try Gigi’s cupcakes with their perfectly spongy cake and incredibly rich icing, you may find them even more so. Their small size spares no flavor, and having cupcakes at your wedding is a great reminder of how much fun they are to eat! 

Cupcakes allow more variability in your wedding, especially if you want to stray away from some of the classic wedding norms. Cupcakes are also a perfect wedding cake alternative if you or any of your guests have dietary restrictions since Gigi’s offers gluten-free and sugar-free options as well! Mix and match flavors as you please; there is no limit to the endless combinations you can come up with!

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If you like the variability and accessibility of cupcakes but want the look of a tiered wedding cake, consider arranging your cupcakes on a stand like this six-tier cupcake stand from Amazon. Your cupcake arrangement can be just as unique and creative as you are, and it can also be a cost-friendly alternative compared to a cake of this size. Cut the cost of a typical wedding cake without sparing any of the grandeur of a large wedding cake display. 

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Still not convinced cupcakes are the way to go for your wedding? Gigi’s still offers services in designing gorgeous classic wedding cakes like this one. For more information on how Gigi’s Cupcakes can help make your special day even sweeter, click here

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Variability in wedding cake styles has been a long-practiced tradition. Ultimately the decision comes down to you and your personal preference on taste, look and style, but if you want to please everyone, or just simply cannot decide yourself, having different mini cakes like these, or cupcakes, are great options! Your guests will certainly not complain, and they’ll probably prefer to have a choice in which cake they want. 


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