Bridesmaids, the women chosen to stand by your side on the big day and join you in celebration. Usually, bridesmaids are a combination of closest friends and family members. Choosing which woman you want to carry out the duties of a bridesmaid can be a daunting task. When deciding, it is important to choose people who have truly made an impact on your life, who have played a major role, their reliability, how great of a personality they have, and your budget. Taking into consideration these five tips will be of aid to you in your decision making process.

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Family members should be the first priority when choosing bridesmaids. These are the people who have been a part of your life the longest whether it be a sister or cousin, maybe even an aunt. Having a big family can make it difficult to choose. If you have multiple sisters you obviously cannot decide between them, but if you have a family member you have been closest too they can also be given a role as a bridesmaid. At the end of the day this is your wedding and what you decide, others should respect. Of course, if there are multiple family members who cannot be a bridesmaid, they can always be given a different role in your wedding. 

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It is so important to have reliable bridesmaids. Just imagine, your wedding is about to start and you are missing a bridesmaid, absolutely unacceptable. Choose someone who is on time, and does not procrastinate “especially when ordering their bridesmaid dress,”  is ready when you need them, and is well prepared to help you to de-stress at any time.

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Having someone in your wedding party with a strong personality that tends to rub people the wrong way is a call for disaster. Make sure when selecting your bridesmaids that their personalities mesh well together. Drama is something you want to avoid at all costs especially during the time which is meant to be one of the happiest moments of your life. 

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Your budget is something to be mindful of when planning the wedding. Being a bridesmaid can add up in costs, with the dress, bachelorette party, travel, gifts, etc. Make sure to talk with your bridesmaids to ensure them that if they need a less expensive alternative you would be happy to help them. Speak with each one individually to protect their privacy. We are living in difficult times right now so it is important to be aware of any financial difficulties someone in your wedding party may have at the time. 

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Picking your bridesmaids and sending them their, “Be my bridesmaid” gifts is one of the most exciting parts in your wedding planning. Having your best gal friends standing next to you can relieve you of  a lot of the stress and anxiety. Make sure to pick those friends that will live up to your expectations and be there for you through it all. Above all, they are there to help you take those first steps into your new married life! How exciting is that? 

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