When a couple gets engaged during their senior year at the University of Georgia, it’s no surprise that they’d pick UGA for their engagement photo location. For UGA graduates Thomas Conn and Caitlin Glasscock, introduced in this post, photos on North Campus were a no-brainer.

We chose North Campus because we have always viewed it as the prettiest part of campus,” said Caitlin. While on a campus tour, the walk through North Campus made Thomas realize he wanted to go to UGA. “I love all of the history of North Campus and its far-reaching association with UGA and Athens.”

“We spent a wonderful four years at UGA, and North Campus is always where we would take walks or grab an ideal spot to study in the spring,” said Thomas. “I think we’ve come full circle with our first look on the wedding day at North Campus in some of the same spots where we walked as students, and where we took our engagement photography at the very beginning of our engagement.”

One of their specific engagement photo locations was the Arch – a famous UGA landmark. According to tradition, if you walk under the arch before your time at UGA is up, you won’t graduate. However, since Caitlin and Thomas have already graduated, the Arch is perfect for photos. “The Arch is the most important landmark in Athens and on campus,” said Caitlin. “We have photos next to it from throughout our years at school, formals and other events. We also finally have that picture of us walking under the arch right after graduation. We are doing a first look at North Campus specifically to get wedding photos with the Arch and all that it represents.”

Another classic North Campus location is the chapel. The Chapel Bell is rung by students to celebrate anything and everything, and an engagement certainly calls for celebration. “We’ve gone to the bell after football games, at the end of another brutal round of finals, and even just to celebrate our ability to celebrate,” said Caitlin. “We were taking both engagement and graduation photos at the same time and both of these scenarios called for celebration.”

Whether you love the Founder’s Garden or the scenic, historic buildings, taking your engagement photos anywhere on North Campus is sure to make for beautiful photos that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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