Flowers have become a necessity for weddings, so picking the right kind of flowers for your Athens, Georgia wedding can be difficult, because they play a huge role in making your wedding venue and photographs visually appealing. There are many florists in Athens, Georgia that are ready to supply for your wedding, but there are a few things you have to consider before ordering your flowers.

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After you pick your color palette and have an idea of what flowers you want, you can’t just tell a florist these details and expect your wedding to look the way you want. First, you have to find a florist that you connect with. With the variety of options Athens, GA provides, there will be florists that understand you better than others. Research your options and plan interviews with florists you are interested in to compare price, style, and ideas. (Tip: Try asking people from your wedding venue which florists are popular in that venue.)

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When discussing floral arrangements, be prepared to provide answers to questions such as the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen who will be there, what your dress looks like, how big is the venue, etc. Ideally, you should know your wedding inside and out for your florist to help you find flowers perfect for your unique wedding. Bringing pictures, idea books, and dress swatches will help even more.

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Remember to set aside a budget for flowers because they can be quite spendy. Many factors can change how much your flowers will cost, but on average, the cost of wedding flowers is about $3,000 – $4,000. However, there are many brides who are able to bring this price down to less than $1,000 by using DIY projects. Ways to save money is to choose flowers that are in-season so they are easily obtained and also by ordering your flowers sooner than later so your florist has plenty of time to get the flowers you need.

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Don’t be afraid to meet with florists multiple times and ask all the questions you need. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to trust your florist, even after looking and their portfolio and seeing they have provided beautiful flowers to many events. Plan carefully and the flowers can look better than you could have imagined.


All images are from florists located in Athens, GA and are highly recommended for your Athens, GA wedding.

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