Although weddings can be the biggest celebration of your life, they can also be extremely stressful to plan. Your Athens, Georgia wedding day is all about you so your friends and family members will have you running around to talk to them, and you will also be constantly checking to make sure your wedding is running smoothly. Your honeymoon is time for you to be able to relax after this huge event and spend some much needed alone time with your new partner. However, the list of possible honeymoon destinations go on and on. Here are some tips to help you decide on that perfect destination!


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Pick a General Environment

You can go anywhere you want to for your honeymoon, so first think of a broad category for your honeymoon destination. Do you want to spend your days relaxing by the pool and taking romantic walks on the beach? Or do you prefer a more adventurous honeymoon filled with outdoor activities or going to theme parks? Can you see yourself sitting by the fire in a ski lodge after racing your partner down the slopes? There are many possibilities as to where your honeymoon could be, so discuss with your partner what your ideal environment is before picking specific places.


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See What Your Budget Allows For

Figure out your budget before deciding where to go and how long you should stay for. Your honeymoon gives your a chance to relax and spending your life savings on a vacation won’t exactly keep you relaxed. Some people may have luxurious honeymoons in Fiji  or the Maldives, but you don’t need extravagance to have a fun honeymoon. For example, if you want to go to the beach, Athens, Georgia is only a few hours drive away from famous beaches in Florida. Or if you want a more urban destination for your honeymoon, South Carolina and Tennessee have big cities with rich histories and many activities to keep you occupied, and it is one of the cheaper options to not break the bank. And even if your budget allows for you to fly to romantic European or Asian countries, many couples have found it exhausting to take 10 hour flights after their wedding. Your budget is the biggest thing you need to consider, and just because it means you have the money to do a certain trip, doesn’t mean you have to.  


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When To Go On Your Honeymoon

After you have figured out a specific destination, it is now time to plan the dates so you can buy plane tickets if necessary and book hotel rooms. There is no specific rule as to when you should go on your honeymoon. Some couples leave right after the reception and head off to the airport and some couples wait a few days to recover so they’re not tired on their honeymoon. Many factors can affect when you go on your honeymoon. Sometimes your schedule is still busy after your wedding, and you can’t find free time for another couple of weeks. Sometimes the flight is cheaper for a specific date. Even weather can affect when you can go on your honeymoon (think monsoon season in some Asian countries). The perfect time to go on your honeymoon is when you and your partner feel like it is the right time.


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Honeymoons may just be another thing you have to plan while planning the million other things that are involved in your Athens, Georgia wedding, but many of the things planned for your wedding are for your guests (food, guest lists, flowers for bridesmaids, etc.). Honeymoons are only for you and your partner so take careful consideration when planning it, and it will be a great start for your marriage.


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