By Brittany Lynch

Thinking about food for your wedding? Want a real crowd pleaser? You’re in luck, because everyone loves a food truck with good eats, plus they’re one of the hottest trends right now! Here are some things to consider before you rent one of these bad-boys:


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  • The Season

When is the date for your wedding? It would seem like a good idea to have a food truck for a summer wedding. Think of where your guests will be standing and waiting in line. They will most likely be out of the shade and cool, in the sun. A late spring wedding date would be the best bet for the comfort of your guests while they wait. If your venue offers more shaded spots for your guests to wait or you can rent a food truck with icy treats, one in the summer would be just as great!

  • The Guests

How many guests are you expecting at your wedding? Consider this: food trucks can feed large masses of hungry guests, but there will be some waiting involved. Plan on just one truck if you’re having a smaller celebration (approximately 75 people). But, if you’re having a much bigger soirée, then try doubling the food service or you’ll have a lot of hungry guests waiting longer than they’ll expect to!

  • The Seating


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Is your wedding more formal or casual? Food trucks are a modern version of a buffet line for events. With this in mind, you have two options for seating for your guests: you can have a more formal setup and have your guests so guests can sit down and enjoy their food or you can have free-standing tables set up around your venue of choice and encourage guests to stand and socialize while they eat their meal for a more casual feel. Depending on what you want your night to look like, the more formal option might call for a food truck rental for be a rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or after-party option.

  • The Look


Photo by Heidi Ryder featured on Ruffled Blog

Out and about with your sweetie and see a food truck you like? Ask about rental information! It can never hurt to ask around and see your options. Food trucks come in just about every size, shape, and color. Take on the task of perfecting the look you want for your day! And don’t think that just because your venue is inside you can’t have a food truck. Asking questions helps you find out if the food businesses you’re looking at have smaller carts that can be brought inside to offer the same great services (just miniature-sized).

  • The Menu


Photo by Laura Goldenberger featured on Ruffled Blog

What’ll ya have? Food truck food is traditionally a messy, finger-food, kind of thing. Usual menu items are burgers, fries, appetizers, and smaller bites. Another great alternative to a traditional food truck menu are dessert options. Some food trucks specialize in treats like cupcakes, popsicles, or ice cream. Another trend with food trucks that has been rising are ones that serve high-end dishes with local or organic ingredients (so menus change for each season*). There are even wine trucks that offer tastings and provide a “classier” experience on the street.

Local Tip: th Love the food truck idea? Looking for ideas now? This coming Saturday, (July 14, 2014), the Atlanta Street Food Festival will be taking place in Piedmont Park from 12pm-8pm, where there will be a host of over 40 different food trucks and catering services from around the area. Wristbands are $10 to get into the event, then food prices vary per truck. You can buy your wristband and get more information about the event here.

Whatever you choose, remember it’s your day with your sweetheart, family, and dearest friends. Make it fun with something like a food truck and make some great memories along with it! It’s definitely something too unique to forget.


This post was written by Brittany Lynch. “Britt” is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. She loves writing, enjoying Southern food, and is all about investing in new experiences. And, of course, she loves weddings. You can check out her personal blog here.

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