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I think collectively, we can all agree that children are extremely cute in weddings…when they act right. I’m sure that if you have been to at least one wedding, you have been a witness to a tiny ring bearer tripping over his own feet, a flower girl who is just NOT in the mood, or even a child who is screaming for some unknown reason.

Most people desire to have children in their wedding because they want to have the children that are closest to them participate in their big day. Whether it is your own child, niece, or nephew, the behaviors of children tend to be more unpredictable than not. It is a normal sentiment to be fearful that your special day could take a turn because of the unexpected behavior of children. It’s all about inclusion and making a child feel like they are a part of the experience that is going to take such a large portion of your time. First and foremost, it is not selfish to opt to not have children in your wedding due to the element of surprise that most children bring with them! Because of this, I’m going to give you four fun ways you can incorporate children into your wedding without the fear of them potentially tarnishing the wedding day.

  1. Incorporate them into the planning!

The planning of weddings takes up so much time, so don’t be afraid to bring the child in your life to a cake tasting, to check out venues, or even wedding dress shopping. They may be too young to offer any input, but just the fact that they will feel like a part of the experience will make a world of a difference.


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2. Make time for a special dance with them during the reception.

The reception is the time to let loose anyway, so pick a song you know they enjoy and have fun with them! They will appreciate being involved in your day and the benefit is, it is a much more low stakes environment than the actual wedding ceremony. If you want to turn it up a notch, it can even be a choreographed dance. Don’t worry, if things go wrong no one will notice.


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3. Kids are all about the arts and crafts!

Incorporate one of their mini creations into the wedding. Slip in a homemade flower into your bouquet. Pin something small that they have created to your veil or slip it into your jacket pocket. Something small yet incredibly meaningful will make their day just as special as yours.


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4. If all fails, incorporate them into your ceremony!

If all else fails, use them in traditional roles like the ring bearer, flower girl, junior bridesmaid or groomsmen. If it is your child, you can even incorporate them into the vows. After all, they are entering the marriage as well! That’s a definite tear jerking moment!


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These atypical ways to incorporate children are not just “safe” options, but they are opportunities to meaningfully incorporate your children into various aspects of the wedding. Although you may opt for them to not be apart of the ceremony, these other options are just as beautiful!



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