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The “I dos” have been said, the tears have been shed and guests are waiting to be fed, but pictures are still to be taken. How do you keep your guests entertained during this time period right after the ceremony? You certainly do not want to spend an unnecessary amount of money trying to keep them busy, but you also don’t want to feel rushed to finish your photos.

The activities available during this time period depend on what kind of wedding you are hosting: is it casual? Formal? Black tie? Outside? Inside? Every one of these themes and venues create completely different possibilities! So let’s get started and explore some ideas.

The more casual the wedding, the easier it is to create active games. If you’re looking for your guests to kick off their shoes and have a little fun then these activities are just for your wedding. Corn hole is a great go-to game that any guest can get a toss on. Corn hole can even add to the design of your wedding. Grab a friend who is good with a hammer and have them create a corn hole board. We all have that artsy friend who would love to add a touch of your wedding to the bare wood and create a memorable piece for your special day. The boards can even be re-used down the road at other events you host.


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Another great game that would certainly keep your guests entertained, whether participating or just watching, is Beersbee. Beersbee is a low cost game with a low time investment. The game is very simple; you need a 10-foot piece of 2-inch PVC pipe, two empty bottles (a glass root beer bottle would work great), and lastly a Frisbee. The two shower rods will have to be stuck into the ground, so make sure this would be plausible at your venue. I will provide a quick overview for Beersbee, but make sure you visit the link below for more detailed instructions on the set-up and game rules visit Instructables. There are two teams of two, and each team will stand around one of the poles. The two poles will be set up across from each other, and the bottle will be placed on top. There are three main objectives of the game: one is to throw the Frisbee and hit your opponent’s pole, two is if your opponent hits your pole you must catch the bottle before it hits the ground, and three if your opponents throw the Frisbee and don’t hit the pole you must still catch the Frisbee. Beersbee is an extremely fun game for players and viewers, so click that link and get more in depth details on how to play. Your guests will rave about this game and who knows maybe you will want to join in on the fun too!

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Photography: Blane Marable Photography

Maybe your wedding doesn’t encompass the “kick off your shoes” vibe, but you still don’t want your guests to be  bored. Let them take pictures themselves! You could rent a photo booth or another photographer if you’re willing to spend a little extra. However, if there isn’t “a little extra” to spend, hang up a backdrop, set a camera on a tri-pod and maybe even throw a basket full of props on the floor! Family and friends would love to use this time to take a family photo or just capture a special memory.

Your guests are very important to you or else they wouldn’t be there for your special day. How about you let them help you out with your marriage? Have your guests give you date night ideas for your future marriage. Set up a little table with note cards and pens, then have them drop their ideas in a mason jar, bucket, vase or whatever container compliments your wedding. This idea not only helps you in the future but also allows guests to look back on some of their favorite dates from years past!

Last but not least, have your guests heard your love story? Do they know why you and your future forever are head over heels for each other?

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Photography: Blane Marable Photography

Well tell them! Not only can this be fun for your guests, but it will also be fun for you and your spouse during preparation. There a several ways to go about this: Create a scrapbook, design a powerpoint slide or make a timeline of your relationship by hanging pictures from a clothesline and adding in captions to describe the old memories that led you to saying “I Do!”

The day of your wedding is YOUR day, however. YOUR day will be much more enjoyable when your guests are having just as much fun as you are. Pick up one of these fun ideas and your wedding will be enjoyable for all!

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