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Every bride dreams of creating their perfect fairytale wedding; one where the dress is elegant, your hair is perfectly styled, and your makeup is beautifully painted on your face, accentuating all your features. However, all of these components of your wedding are not created overnight. A team of wonderful professionals, your very best friends and family, your favorite snacks, and a dedicated photographer all come together to create this magical time leading up to your ceremony. Here are some tips and tricks to making yourself, your wedding party, and the vendors comfortable and ready for your magical strut down the aisle. 

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The Girls 

Getting ready for a wedding can (and most likely will) take all day. From the hair and makeup to the first looks and pictures, it is in your best interest to start things a little earlier than usual to make the deadline of your evening ceremony time. Most brides don’t get ready alone, so make sure you have a big enough space to accommodate the “getting ready” party (this generally includes bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and the flower girl) and that they are prepared for the long and eventful day ahead of them. Create a getting ready playlist of your favorite songs to play throughout the day. This will help with morale, excitement, dance move preparation, as well as helping to break in those dancing shoes.  

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The Snacks

Amid getting ready for one of the most special days of your life, it’s very easy for you and your entourage to forget to eat. Put an end to the cravings and order a catered lunch from Marti’s at Midday to feed yourself and everyone getting ready with you. If you ask a photographer to be there all day taking pictures of the makeup and hair process, make sure you feed them, too! Also, provide little snacks throughout the day, or a continental style breakfast in the morning to get everyone moving and grooving. Make sure the food you choose is not too heavy for everyone to eat, but is still enough to get them and yourself through the day. 

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The Photographers

One of the most important parts of any wedding is capturing the magic of the day. Hiring a photographer is one of the essential parts of wedding planning, and snapshots of getting ready are crucial. To ensure you’re the happiest you can be with the service being done, formulate a list of your must-have getting ready pictures, and give it to the photographer in advance. This list can include candid shots of you and your bridesmaids getting your hair and makeup done, posed shots of the group in their “getting ready outfits”, the bridesmaids first look at you in your wedding dress, and the list goes on. Brainstorm these picture ideas ahead of time so you don’t miss one you’re dying to have. 

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The Itinerary 

To ensure the day runs smoothly, create an ideal timeline for all the essentials. Start with what time everyone will arrive at the “getting ready” location and what they will eat. Then, assign time specifically for hair and makeup and eventually getting dressed. Decide when and where pictures will be taken, and stay open to other ideas anyone might have. And lastly, don’t forget to block off time for yourself, for a private reflection on your special day, and for marveling in the beauty of your relationship and how it brought you to this magical point. 


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