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Having a wedding party is important to any bride and groom. From brothers and sisters to old and new friends, the folks in the wedding party have been there for all the ups and downs in your life and will continue to be after your wedding day. You carefully picked your favorite people to stand next to you while you say “I Do”, so why not carefully pick out a gift they can enjoy for years to come? The right gift will have them smiling every time they use it. Give them a gift to not only say thank you for never leaving your side, but to also remind them of the wonderful memories created on your very special day. 

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The Groomsmen 

Let’s face it; men are hard to shop for. We know it and they know it. While brainstorming gifts to give any man, remember this: give them something they need. For groomsmen, that’s easier than you think. Here are three great ideas to give any group of groomsmen. 

A travel kit. 

For any groomsmen, this is a great gift. It gives them a bag to put their toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and whatever  else they might need for an overnight stay or lengthy vacation. These bags can be found at Target on Atlanta Highway in Athens, or Etsy! If you want to take this gift a step further, drop it off at Monogram by Jo King on Loys Farm Road in Athens, GA, and get the first letter of their first name embroidered on the corner. However, be sure to not add much more embroidery; men aren’t typically a fan of full monograms. Although, adding the first letter of their first name is a tasteful and attractive addition that anyone can appreciate. 

A grill kit. 

This gift is perfect for the grill master groomsmen. Click on over to Etsy where you can find great deals on the perfect BBQ set for your guys! The Target on Atlanta Highway in Athens also has grill kits that won’t break the bank. This gift will come in handy more times than you think and will help make some great burgers for future backyard parties. 

A flask/pint glass. 

For the of-age groomsmen, a customized flask or pint glass is a great way to say thank you and to cheers the years to come. Plain flasks and pint glasses can be found anywhere from the Walmart on Epps Bridge Parkway in Athens, GA to the Target on Atlanta Highway. Once you’ve purchased your cup of choice, head on over to the boys at Etched in Tradition on S. Milledge Avenue for the perfect personalization. 

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The Bridesmaids 

A way to please a bridesmaid with the perfect gift is to get them something they can use for many years after your wedding day. There are so many present ideas your bridesmaids will love, but here’s the top three that are sure to bring smiles to all the girls’ faces. 

Water bottle/wine glass.

 Because it’s a marathon, ladies, not a sprint. The Athens, GA Target and Walmart both carry wine glasses of all types your girls will enjoy. The Dollar Tree on Atlanta Highway also offers wine glasses for the cost-savvy bride. For the perfect (and affordable) water bottles, drive on over to the Hobby Lobby on Parkway Blvd to find the one that’s best for your girls. On your way to drop off the groomsmen gifts at Etched in Tradition, bring those wine glasses or water bottles, too! A little  etching is the perfect addition to any present. 

Makeup/totes bags. 

A girl can never have too many bags, and giving customized makeup and tote bags to your bridesmaids as a thank you will surely be a big hit! Hobby Lobby is your one-stop shop for the perfect tote bag. They offer multiple different styles and fabrics, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one. For makeup bags, the Athens Target offers affordable yet trendy options any girl will love. After finding the perfect bag, go visit Mayfair Monograms for customization your girls will swoon over. 

Robes/pajama set. 

A bridesmaid favorite; the perfect multipurpose present to be used on the wedding day and long after that (I speak from experience). Target offers really great deals on pajama sets to match any wedding style. You can also find robes at Target, as well as other department stores around Athens such as Belk and JCPenney. When buying pajama sets, it’s important to find ones that button up the front so your bridesmaids can get their hair done without having to change. Remember: your bridesmaids are less likely to re-wear the robe/pajamas if they say “bridesmaid” on them. So, if you want this gift to last, head on over to  Monogram by Jo King or Mayfair Monograms to get a timeless monogram on your robes or pajama sets! 


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