Weddings bring stress for everyone, but a great way to make even the most black-tie wedding fun is to give creative, personalized gifts to the bridal party. Bridesmaids are typically easier to gift than groomsmen; jewelry, silk robes, and engraved champagne glasses do the trick. A lot of grooms tend to go a different route and choose a singular, very nice gift, or put together a few novelty items. The best gifts for your groomsmen are funny, clever, and well-made.



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If your best buds need something that’s classic and made to last, then a single, special gift may be the way to go. Some classic ideas are monogrammed suspenders, silver or leather flasks, or engraved scotch decanters. Nice pairs of sunglasses or watches would be another great way to show your best buds your appreciation. Though small, these are the trinkets you and your friends will use and cherish for a lifetime.



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On the other hand, a creative and entertaining medley of things may be better for your crew. Among the plethora of DIY projects available online, a few definitely stand out as funny, memorable, and simple. One great idea, and certainly a resourceful one, is to make a “Mini-Bar in a Jar”, which is essentially small liquor bottles inside of a mason jar, tied with a bow, and engraved on the lid; cute, easy, and definitely a winner. Another concept similar to this one, but with more freedom to choose, is to monogram stainless steel tumblers and fill them with things like cigars, whiskey, bow ties, and socks.  



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If none of these ideas really get you excited, or if your crowd has too much personality for conventional accessories, then customize each groomsman’s gift. Picking something special out for each of your best friends, brothers, or cousins will make your wedding that much more intimate. You can choose something traditional, like cufflinks, and personalize them to each man with super heroes, classy figurines like trout or fleur de lis, or team logos. If you really want to go the extra mile for each groomsman, then a unique pocket knife for the outdoorsman, a vintage baseball card or signed memorabilia for the super-fan, a classic and shared-favorite vinyl for the rocker, or a once-lost framed photo for the Best Man would all be incredibly thoughtful gifts.



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Have fun with it and use this tradition as a reason to reminisce and to cherish your buddies!

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