Gluten-Free Wedding Food Options for Your Athens, Georgia Wedding

There is one thing that is on people’s minds everyday- food! Your wedding day is no exception. Perhaps you want to appeal to your guests’ diets or maybe you are gluten-intolerant. Either way, there are many gluten-free food options that are incredibly delicious!


Cocktail Hour or Appetizers

While waiting for the wedding party to take photos, plated hors d’oeuvres are a great way to suppress appetites and provide time for guests to mingle at the beginning of the reception.

Image from: Trumps Catering

Image from Trumps Catering

While these can come in many varieties, simple finger foods such as cheese squares, fruits, and veggies could do the trick. To go one step further, you could even add a fancy fondue fountain or even some shrimp cocktail shooters. Yum!


Main Course and Sides

Whether the meal is buffet or plated, there are so many delicious options that are gluten-free.

Image from: The Georgia Club Weddings

Image from The Georgia Club

As the main course, any type of meat including chicken, steak, or lobster is doable as long as the sauce or seasoning does not have gluten in it. Whichever theme of food you choose, you can get creative by including sides such as double baked potatoes, steamed veggies, or salad.



As one of the most memorable foods at the reception, it is important to have a cake that is pleasing to the eye and that guests enjoy. Thankfully, it is definitely possible to have a beautiful gluten-free cake that tastes great and fits the theme of the wedding.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 11.04.56 PM


Images by: Tiffany-Marie Photography

Images by Tiffany-Marie Photography

As can be seen in the first photo, it is possible to satisfy multiple diets by making certain layers of the cake gluten-free. Another option is to make a fully gluten-free cake that is just as tasty. Depending on what bakery you choose, they may have different options for gluten-free diets.


Other Desserts

Some couples choose to include more desserts to the menu in addition to the wedding cake. Since simple desserts typically include cookies and brownies, you may have to get slightly more creative with this course. Luckily, it is definitely doable to include other gluten-free desserts that are equally tasty and popular!

Image by: Blane Marable Photography

Photo credit: Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable Photography

You could add a make-your-own sundae bar like the picture above! This gives guests the freedom of creating their dessert the way that they prefer. While it is especially fun for children, other guests will enjoy the creativity and taste of homemade sundaes too.


All in all, a lot of catering companies have gluten-free choices that you may not even think of! The best way to discover these options is to talk with vendors around the area to see what they are able to provide upon request. At the end of the day, guests come for the bride and groom, so providing gluten-free options is just the cherry on top of your special day!


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