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As fall slowly rolls into our little town of Athens, so do our childhood memories of pumpkin carving, costume shopping, and trick-or-treating. Halloween can be a really great time to express yourself, get together with friends and family, and maybe even have a wedding! Even better, have a wedding that is centered around the holiday that is Halloween. It doesn’t have to be tacky or childish like what you may be thinking. In fact, a Halloween wedding can be a great entertainment option as well as a new type of sophistication that your guests have never seen before! Maybe this isn’t for you, but it’s definitely something worth checking out. So read through this post and get some chilling ideas for your Halloween wedding.



Photo by The Hendrys Photography


The Venue

Bringing the spook to your wedding starts with having a killer venue. Our ideal venue would bring together the cold stone walls of a castle with the haunting history of an old cathedral or Victorian style home. However, with all of that being a lot for just one venue, we can narrow it down to a venue that has any of those aspects as they’d all be great additions to our Halloween wedding! The Taylor Grady house in Athens would be a great spot! The house is a beautiful wedding venue with historic charm; and after doing some digging on this one, you may even find some spooky secrets about the historical home.


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The Decorations

Of course decorating for Halloween is the best part; but don’t break out the fake spider webs and green light bulbs before we tell you about some more elegant choices. Pumpkin place card holders are an adorable way to brighten up your Halloween wedding while adding a little DIY project as well. Centerpieces that incorporate antique candle holders with dark melting candles will really get your guests fired up and in the Halloween spirit. Setting up black flowers or red roses can add a little bit more of a Gothic side to your wedding. Lastly, keeping the setting dark with added candles or string lights throughout can really add a spark to your Halloween wedding.


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The Food

For me growing up, the Halloween cuisine was always the most important part of the evening. Blood-covered, I mean candy-covered, apples are one treat you can’t go without. Witch finger cookies, graveyard pudding cups, and vampire punch will keep your guests in the Halloween spirit. Of course there are tons of options for your main dish, including mummy hot dogs, jack o’lantern pizzas, or pumpkin lasagna. However, if you want the most sophisticated choice we recommend sticking to the classic: fall-off-the-bone ribs.


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The Guests

The best way that we’ve found to get your guests really in the spirit of Halloween is to have them all dress up in costumes! Now, this could be a risky move, but it’s super fun and guaranteed to be an idea that your guests will get really excited about! Plus, if you have a photo booth at your wedding, these would be some great memories to capture! If you wanted to play it safe you could stick with a theme: certain movies, colors, or characters. However you choose to do it, I think you’ll really be surprised at how much Halloween spirit it will bring to your big day!



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