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Once upon a time a little girl had vivid dreams of her wedding day. She had the flowers picked out, she was debating between a mermaid dress and an A-line dress, and in her head the venue was already booked. This little girl was all of us at some point in time; we looked forward to our wedding day because we perceived it as the best day of our life. All of our closest family and friends would be there with smiles plastered on their faces and joy in every heart. Sadly a lot changes from the time you’re the dreaming little girl to the time when you’re walking down the aisle. Very important people in your life pass away during this fragile time, so how can you honor the fallen loved ones you thought would be at your wedding?

        Your mother and father are and will always be a piece of you, so what better way to honor them than adding a piece of them to your wedding? If your mother’s wedding dress still hangs in the closet make it come to life again. Use the elegant pieces of her dress and weave them into your own. After all shopping for a wedding dress is the mother’s most cherished memory of her daughter’s wedding preparations.

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Photography by Blane Marable

The father on the other hand cannot wait to walk his daughter down the aisle. Just because he is no longer physically on earth you can still grant him the honor of walking with you. Find an object that reminds you of your father, maybe an old shirt, fishing line if he loved fishing, a picture of him, just anything that reminds you of the first man you loved. Take this object and wrap it around your bouquet. If it’s a picture of him get the photo made into a little medallion and pin it to the cloth on your bouquet (you can also do this with for your mother). This way your father will be with you every step you take down the aisle.

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        Another prized experience for a father at a wedding is the father-daughter dance. This would be a great time to honor your father. However, the reception is supposed to be a time of celebration, so you definitely do not want to make everyone too sad. If you have another father figure in your life, or maybe a brother, you could ask them to dance with you in honor of your father. Play a song that was important to you and your father, so he can be apart of the dance. In addition, you could light a candle before the dance and have the DJ mention that the candle is lit in his honor.

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        It is customary for the grandparents to sit on the front row during a wedding, and although they might not be able to be there you can still fill those seats. Frame a picture of your lost loved ones and place it in the chairs they would be sitting in or place a rose on their chair. If you do not want to look out during your wedding and be reminded of their passing, there are other ways they can still be remembered. Set a table out with a bottle of champagne, their pictures and a sign saying “a toast to the loved ones that couldn’t be here.” Another idea would be to arrange a display with pictures of your lost loved ones with a burning candle.

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These loved ones helped raise you into the woman you are, so of course you want them to have a special place on your wedding day. Whether it is your grandparents, parents, siblings or friends each person has left a mark on your life and these are great ways to recognize your love and honor for them.


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