Do you want your wedding to have some southern charm but don’t want to over-do it? Have no fear! We have all of the tips for you to have a weddings with tasteful southern details.

  1. Serve southern food. Eating some good ole southern food is a easy way to add a touch of the south to your wedding. Who doesn’t love chowing down on some crunchy greenbean casserole or delicious pecan pie? Serving southern food will make your guest feel right at home in the deep south.

Offer your guests fried chicken, fried pickles or even barbecue at the reception! Saucehouse Barbecue Catering has amazing pulled pork and macaroni n’ cheese. Mama’s Boy Catering has delicious biscuits that will make your mouth water. Elegantly Southern Catering has “southern sliders” that everyone will enjoy. Everyone loves good southern comfort food, so they will be happy with anything from the south that you serve.

Another option is to serve sweet tea and lemonade! You can even put these drinks in cute mason jars to complete your southern style. Check out Weddings In Athens Catering page to see some other great southern catering options for your Athens, Georgia wedding.

Find southern drink recipes on Pinterest to give your sweet tea a little spice! Guest will love your incorporation of southern food and drinks into your special day!

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2. Use monogrammed details.Practically everything in the south has a monogram on it – towels, pillows, laptops and even cars! Add some southern flair by incorporating your monogram in your wedding. You could embroider it on dinner napkins or place it on the invitations. The options for monograms are endless. Monograms scream southern class and it will personalize your wedding.

Monogramming is effortless on your part. Just take whatever you need to the embroiderer and they will finish the rest. Classic cursive fonts are a great option for dinner napkins. Plus, you get to use your new last name initial – How exciting!


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  1. Hold your wedding in a southern venue. Where is the perfect place to say “I Do?” A southern venue – Duh! Celebrate southern heritage by hosting your wedding in the south! Athens, Georgia is the perfect place to have your wedding as it is the epitome of southern charm, delicious food from the south and, of course, SEC football!

This may seem obvious to some people, but having your wedding in a southern venue is the perfect way to show your love of the south. Excellent options include on a farm, near a lake or in a chapel. Cloverleaf Farm has a beautiful white farmhouse with a ton of space. The Georgia Club offers vast green fields, perfect for any wedding. Love the dawgs? Why not have your wedding at The UGA Chapel? Anywhere you choose will be an amazing place to host your southern wedding! Check out more venue ideas on our Weddings In Athens Venues page.


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  1. Decorate with southern style.Make your wedding feel like home with some simple southern style! Everyone loves a pretty southern wedding. It is easy to incorporate southern touches into your wedding.

Adding simple touches of southern twang will make your wedding stand out. Some great options are decorating with magnolia leaves or using wooden benches. At the reception, you can use burlap table clothes on each table or have a beautiful centerpiece of flowers placed in a mason jar. Flowerland can build your beautiful, southern arrangement. Elizabeth Ann Florist will give you the southern flowers of your dream! Sprinkling southern flair into your wedding is easy to do.


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No matter how you choose to incorporate southern style into your wedding, your guest will love the appreciation of the south. From food and decorations to venues adding southern touch to your wedding will make your wedding extra special!

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