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Whether you want to get married in a sophisticated ballroom, a beautiful beach, or even a rustic barn, choosing your venue is not always easy. Picking a venue can be one of the most difficult decisions of the wedding planning process. It’s super important to find the right place that will fit the style of your wedding to make it the perfect day. In this blog post, we will lay out the most crucial factors in deciding your venue. This blog post will offer questions to ask yourself when searching for a venue to make this process easier, more fun, and help you stay organized! 

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1. Venue’s Availability

Before you choose to visit a selected venue, you can check a venue’s website to see if they are available through their calendar option. If this is not an option, email or call the location to ask if the date you have chosen is available. If you have 100% decided on a date, this is definitely the first step you should take. Otherwise, you may waste time by visiting venues that may not be available for your desired wedding date. 

Tip: Make a list of places you are interested in visiting. Contact each venue and make a note if these places are available for your date. Then, begin scheduling each venue within a 3-5 day period, so each location is fresh on your mind and easily comparable! 

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2. Venue’s Aesthetic vs. Your Aesthetic

Before choosing a venue, it’s important to envision your big day and think about what you want it to look and feel like. If you’re going for a super elegant aesthetic, it may not be in your best interest to visit a barn venue. Make sure to brainstorm before scheduling venue visits so that you don’t waste any time.

Tip: Develop a folder or Pinterest board of pictures of how you envision your wedding day. This will help whenever you decide to look for venues. Compare the pictures and make sure your vision for your big day matches the aesthetic of the venue! 

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3. Venue’s Price vs. Your Budget

Before choosing a venue, we suggest making a budget of what you are willing to pay and what is truly realistic for you. This will be a handy number to have when researching venues. Usually you can find the total cost for a venue on their website or by simply emailing them! 

Tip: When making a list of the venue’s you would like to visit, also add a section of how much that particular venue will cost you. 

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4. Venue’s Guest Capacity

Before visiting different options for a wedding venue, you should have your guest list prepared. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue, and then the space not have the capacity for your number of guests.

Tip: If everyone on your guest list is important to you, it’s better to invite all of those people, rather than to alter the number to guarantee a venue. You’ll look back and be glad you chose to have everyone you love there on your special day! 

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