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Are you planning your wedding before he even pops the big question? Get ready to pull out the pictures and Pinterest boards in order to show your significant other exactly what you would like when he is searching for an engagement ring. There are so many different styles, cuts, and designs to choose from when searching for that special ring, so making sure you have considered them all is important. While you may not know if he plans to give you a family ring passed down between generations or a ring specially handcrafted by a jeweler, it is crucial that he knows the basis of what you are looking for. Check out the suggestions below to keep in mind when discussing your perfect engagement ring.


Establish a budget

It is easy to get caught up with unrealistic expectations of what you would like your ring to look like. In reality, the dream ring you have in mind might cost you the big bucks, so it is important to sit down with your significant other and establish a price range you would like to stick around. Take a few trips to the jewelers and window shop to make sure your ideas of your dream ring stay around the established budget.

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Choosing a style for the band

There are so many different styles to choose from when looking for your engagement ring band. Deciding between your style with a simple band or dramatic band is a good place to start when figuring out what you would like your band to look like. Do you want multiple diamonds around the band or a clean, simple band? You also need to choose what type of metal you want your ring to be made of. Would you like yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, or platinum? These are all very important things to consider when choosing the right band for your engagement ring.

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Quality vs Quantity

It is important to keep in mind the quality of the diamonds rather than the quantity of the diamonds on the ring. Keep the four C’s in mind when searching for your one of a kind ring: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Make sure that whatever diamond you chose in your ring is cut properly to allow the diamond to sparkle in the light. Diamonds that are cut too deep or shallow can leak light through the bottom or side of the stone.

Diamonds come in many different colors from colorless to light yellow. The most popular color for rings is white. Clearer diamonds with minimal imperfections are more expensive. Focus on the clarity of the diamond when choosing the perfect fit for you. Look closely at the carat weight when choosing a diamond. The heavier the diamond is the more expensive it it will be. A master jeweler can make a diamond look larger when the weight is actually lighter.


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Figure out the shape

There are endless shapes that a master jeweler can cut the diamond into. From a traditional round diamond, princess diamond, pear cut, or heart shaped diamond, there are great ways to make your engagement ring stand out The princess cut is a square shaped cut and the most common for engagement rings. The round diamond is classic and a timeless shape. The pear and heart shaped diamonds are great for adding a different twist to a traditional ring.bridget-flohe-339785-unsplash

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There are so many things to keep in mind when choosing your engagement ring. Consider these few suggestions to help plan out the process of choosing the right ring so you can be sure to make a statement with the best ring out there.



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