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Congratulations! You have been trusted by the bride and groom to give a speech to their closest family and friends, no pressure. This is the perfect opportunity to really tie the knot on your relationship with the couple. Follow these Weddings Athens tips to give a memorable and flawless wedding toast.

Who Normally Gives A Toast

Traditionally, the best man toasts first, then the maid of honor. These positions help the most with the wedding planning, as they are the right hand man/girl. The father of the bride, or a family friend, may do a toast following the best man and maid of honor. Wedding toasts are a great way to make all of the guests feel connected.

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Should I Wing It?

Unless you are the world’s best speech giver, no. We say no due to a lack of planning. If you wrote it down and ditch it halfway, that is perfectly fine. However, try not to go too off the rails. Giving a speech can become very overwhelming, so try to stray from winging it in order to have the perfect wedding toast.

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Do Yourself A Favor And Bring Notes

Say it again for the people in the back! Plan and study your notes so you are game when it comes time for your toast. This will boost your confidence and convince people you truly know what you are talking about. Flash cards are great for sticking to your main points. You do not have to read them for every word!

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The Best Length 

Ten minutes is a good time frame to fit in all you need to say during your toast. This allows you to tell a few stories and make different points. Remember, this is a toast to the bride and groom; include compliments, best wishes, and a huge congratulations. Do not be afraid to show them some love!

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Choose A Tone That Fits Your Relationship

Are you aiming for heartfelt or comical? There is no right or wrong answer. It truly depends on your relationship with the couple, and the size of the crowd. You want to add some humor to maintain the audience’s attention. Having a unique toast will leave a lasting impression on the guests. 

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Whether Or Not To Bring Up Childhood Memories

This is such a fun segment to add into your speech! Nothing shows a tight bond like good ole childhood memories. Be sure to pick stories that won’t embarrass the bride and groom too much. It is a great way to start off your toast!

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Cliches To Avoid 

You want your wedding toast to stand out from the rest. No. Fake. Crying. We beg you! Your toast is authentic and from the heart, there’s no need to add this into it. Becoming emotional is perfectly normal, be genuine!

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Wait On The Open Bar

Bummer right? It’s for your own good, trust us. You want to stray from too many drinks prior to your toast to avoid getting off topic and saying something you probably shouldn’t. However, treat yourself after and cheers to your perfect wedding toast.

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You’re all set! The vows were said, everyone’s in their seats, and now you’re about to give the best wedding toast anyone has ever heard. How lucky the bride and groom are to have you! For more information on all things weddings, follow us at wedding Athens.com.

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