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Toasts are an important and special part of every wedding. It’s a time for loved ones to share their well- wishes and a time for the happy couple to hear how loved they are, but giving the perfect toast can be a daunting task. It can’t be too long or too short, too serious or too goofy. It can be difficult to find the right balance, but as always, we’re here to help! Below are some tips to help you give an incredible wedding toast! 

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Tip #1: Be prepared

If you know you aren’t great at thinking on your feet, you should plan your toast, or at least have an outline, ahead of time. You don’t want to get in front of an entire wedding and find yourself drawing a blank! Having an idea of what you want to say ahead of time will save you some serious embarrassment and help you make sure that your speech stays on track. Practice and write notes for yourself if you need to!

Tip #2: Be confident

It’s normal to be nervous speaking in front of a large audience, but don’t let that stop you from giving a great speech! Remember that if you are making a toast at the wedding, you are an important and special person to the newlyweds. Take a deep breath and know that the couple is looking forward to hearing what you have to say. 

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Tip #3: Be sincere

Make sure your toast communicates your true feelings about the newlyweds. The best speeches are honest, genuine and loving. Think of what the couple means to you and use that as inspiration for your speech! You can tell a special story about them, reminisce on memories and share your hopes for their future. Think from the heart – the more heartfelt and sincere your speech is, the better it will be! 

Tip #4: Be aware of your audience

While giving your toast, remember that the happy couple are not the only people you’re addressing. Their wedding guests are listening to you, too! Introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the newlyweds for anyone who may not know you. Keep your speech positive and upbeat. Try to avoid inside jokes that other guests won’t understand. Make sure to avoid any inappropriate jokes and language as well – you don’t want to upset grandma! Be genuine, and the couple and all the guests will love your speech.

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Tip #5: Keep it short, sweet and to the point

No one wants to sit through a long-winded, never-ending toast. A general rule of thumb is to keep your speech to under five minutes. This will help you keep the audience’s attention. Keeping the speech short also means that you won’t be as likely to get distracted and talk about unrelated topics. Your speech shouldn’t be about yourself, the couple’s exes or anything negative. Focus on the sentiments you really want to share with the newlyweds and say what’s most important. 

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