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When planning a wedding ceremony, there are so many design decisions to make and the wedding ceremony is the most important part of a wedding. The ceremony is a beautiful moment where two people get to proclaim their love for each other to the world. Such a beautiful and emotional moment deserves beautiful scenery, and a wedding arch is a perfect way to create a focal point whether the venue is indoors or out. 

The wedding altar will be one of the most photographed backdrops from your wedding venue so it is important to create a beautiful and thoughtful backdrop. Adding an arch to your venue doesn’t have to be overly expensive or difficult. This copper arch DIY is a cost-effective option to elevate your wedding altar that anyone can complete in an afternoon. 

What You’ll Need: 

¾” copper pipe 

T connectors 

Elbow connectors


Pipe cutter

Metal epoxy 

Wooden skewer

Copper Pipe Cut List: 

(4) 1.5’ pieces 

(2) 7.5’ pieces

(1) 5’ piece

The first step of any DIY process should be to sketch out your design. Part of what makes this DIY fun is that it can be adjusted in so many ways. We chose a simple and classic arch design for this DIY, but there are hundreds of other unique ways to create an arch. Our measurements are 7-½’ tall, 5’ wide and 1-⅕’ deep at the base. While copper pipe comes in many sizes ¾” pipe is the most cost-effective way to create a substantial-looking arch.

Once the design is drawn out cut the pipe to size. Before you begin cutting make sure the pipe cutter is designed for the right size pipe. If you are using a handheld pipe cutter with a clamp you can tighten the clamp and spin until a groove is formed in the pipe. Once a groove is formed continue to spin and tighten the clamp until the cut has been made. Other pipe cutters keep constant pressure while you spin until the pipe is cut. 

After all the cuts have been made lay out the pieces to be assembled. Use a wooden skewer to apply metal epoxy inside of the fittings before connecting the pipes. Start by connecting a t-connector on one end of each of the 7.5’ pieces and elbow connectors to the other end. Between the two elbow connectors insert the 5’ piece. Using the four 1.5’ pieces put one in each side of the t-connectors at the base of the 7.5’ piece. Once the epoxy has dried the arbor is ready to be decorated.

A plain copper arch is a simple but beautiful addition, but there are countless ways to add some flair to your backdrop. The most classic option is to wrap the pipe in greenery and add flowers to match the color scheme of the wedding. Adding some white draping can add a romantic touch to the backdrop. 

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