Using a hashtag for your wedding is something that is becoming more and more popular as instagram continues to be one of the most dominant social medias in our lives today. Deciding to use a hashtag is not only another cute and personalized aspect of your wedding, it is functional as well- an easy way for guests and family or friends who could not make it to snapshots of your special day before the professional pictures are debuted. If a guest takes an picture from the wedding, they can throw a filter on it and instagram it with your personalized wedding hashtag and it will appear when anyone searches for the hashtag, or clicks on it on someone else’s instagram post with the same hashtag. Having a hashtag for your wedding can be a great way to connect your guests who may not know each other over social media!

via Fab You Bliss

(Via Fab You Bliss)


Choosing a hashtag can be a fun thing for your bridal party to do together, you could get together for lunch and brainstorm- although it is pretty simple and should not be an added stress to your wedding planning!


To choose the perfect hashtag for your day, a good place to start is to try to come up with something that involves your last names. If you are taking his last name, come up with a word that starts with the same letter, especially a “wedding word” such as “vows” “hitched” “newlyweds” or “love.” It is OK to not go over the top with creativity, the best wedding hashtags are simple and easy for guests to use, remember, and spell correctly. Having a wedding hashtag that is clean and simple such as “#MrandMrsSmith” or “#TheMillers” is perfectly fine too. Make sure to search your ideas on instagram before you decide on one to make sure it hasn’t been taken!

"#GoingGanus" wedding hashtag used by former UGA football player Jake Ganus and wife Peyton Thomas (via instagram)

“#GoingGanus” wedding hashtag used by former UGA football player Jake Ganus and wife Peyton Thomas (via instagram)

Wedding hashtags are a great way to show your personalities and customize the day even more, there are many ways to incorporate your wedding hashtag into the day itself. For example, many tech-savvy couples have used interactive photo walls during their reception where all of the instagrams taken at the wedding appear on the screen as they are posted so that guests can watch a play-by-play and maybe even engage in a competition to see who can take the most creative or funniest instagram of the night! You can also let guests know about your wedding hashtag prior to the day by including it on your invitations, so that your bridal party and even guests can post pictures with it leading up to the wedding to get everyone excited.

if your names are especially unique, or you’re having trouble coming up with a hashtag for your wedding on your own, there are many different free wedding hashtag generators that will come up with a multitude of different personalized hashtags using your names, the location of the wedding and the date. Here are just a few:


Remember: keep it simple, have fun and be creative! Happy hashtagging.

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