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Your girls. Your besties for the resties. Your instigators. Your advice givers. Your go-tos.  These are the people who you spent Friday night sleepovers with talking about the day that is fast approaching: your wedding. They’ve dreamed with you and for you, and now it is all coming to life. However, there are a lot of years between childhood friends and college roommates. Through this years you’ve accumulated a lot of besties for the resties, so how do you choose who is standing next to you on your day?

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Photography by Blane Marable

Keep it simple. Your mom has been with you before birth, so you’ve got a pretty good bond. She knows how to deal with you at your highs and at your lows.  The woman has been taking care of and guiding you for years. She is definitely qualified for the position. This also saves some hurt feelings… no one can complain that your mom is your one and only bridesmaid or maid of honor. She has the experience, she has the requirements and she has your best interest at heart, so give her the job.

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Another way to keep it simple is to pick your sisters. No one else knows you like these girls do. They’ve only lived with you for two decades, so I’d say they’re pretty qualified to handle your stressful moments and guide you on the tough decisions that weddings arouse. Sisters can also put you in your place, and sometimes you need a little gut check during the planning process. If you and your future hubby agreed to put each other’s siblings in your wedding parties then that is also a good way to keep it simple. None of your friends will feel hurt that they didn’t make the cut to be by your side when you say, “I do.”

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After these two options, this is when it gets tough. However, brides, please listen to me, this is your day. You need to remember that this is one of the only days in your life that it is okay to be a little bit selfish. Here’s the checklist, ladies:

If you can’t go on a one-on-one weekend getaway with your friend, then don’t pick her as a bridesmaid.

If you don’t contact your friend at least once every two weeks, then don’t pick her as a bridesmaid.

If you have any inclination that your friend will do anything but add a positive attitude to your pre-wedding festivities and wedding, then don’t pick her as a bridesmaid.

If you feel like you’re only going to pick her because she picked you, then don’t pick her as a bridesmaid.

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Picking a bridal party is tough stuff. You do not want anyone to feel left out or like you don’t value their friendship, so here are some ways to soften the blow and keep your friend circle whole. Have a huge girl’s day. It engages everyone to catch up and celebrate your big life moment! This event allows everyone to be involved for a piece of your pre-wedding festivities. After all there are a bunch of women in your life that helped shape you into the woman, wife and maybe even mother you’re going to be. This party is a great way to celebrate many years of friendship and memories.

Don’t forget, brides: Love this process. Love these memories. Love these girls. Enjoy every moment. Now go out and create your bridal party!

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Photography by Blane Marable

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