Finding the perfect wedding dress is every bride’s dream. Being able to see the look on your significant other’s face as they see you in your wedding dress for the first time is a moment that will never be forgotten. So, how do you pick the perfect dress? What dress will look best on your body type? I am here to answer those questions. Located below are a few of the most common wedding dress styles, and which body type they will look best with. 

The Sheath Style

For the tall bride, selecting a sheath style is going to help accentuate your height. This style is fitted around the bust and the bottom can be more or less fitted based on your preference. For the athletic bride, the sheath style is also a good choice as it will show off your defined shoulders and is more fitting around your hips. You can always show off your toned arms by selecting a halter top or strapless sheath style. If you want to add a little definition to your waist, adding a belt to a sheath dress is always a good option for an athletic bride. If you are not wanting to show off your height, then sticking to an a-line or ball gown is going to be your best bet. 

The sheath style is also becoming for brides that are rectangular shaped, meaning that you have equal body measurements. Because these dresses are somewhat fitting, they are able to show off the curves that you do have. 

The sheath style is also a good option for a petite bride. This style will help a petite bride to not look like she is all scrunched up, but instead gives the bride a natural waistline. 

Photos by Blane Marable

The Mermaid and Trumpet Style

If you have an hourglass body type, then the mermaid or trumpet style is going to be best for you. The mermaid wedding dress accentuates all of your natural curves, and hugs around your waist and mid thigh. The trumpet style is similar to the mermaid except the bottom of the dress is more full. 

Photos by Blane Marable

The A-line and Ball Gown Style 

If you have an apple shaped, inverted triangle, pear shaped, or triangle body type, then an a-line or ball gown is going to be the best option for you. These dress styles will help to even out your larger bust by making your lower half look more full and will not draw as much attention to your waist and hips. If you do have a larger bust, I would recommend having thick straps to help with support. This also gives you the flexibility to wear a bra underneath your dress if that is what makes you more comfortable. 

If you have a smaller bust, these dresses are still a good option for you. You can always choose a more fitted bust area, or you can try this style with beading, lace, or even one with sleeves, which is a good alternative for the a-line and ball gown.

If you want your bottom assets to be evident, an a-line is still a good option. You can always select an align with a detailed bodice, or choose a dress that is more fitted around the hips. 

If you are petite, an a-line style is a good choice because it will help to make your frame look longer, as a ball gown tends to overwhelm a small frame. 


Photos by Blane Marable

Ball Gown 

Photos by Blane Marable

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