It’s 2020 and social media is completely intertwined into our lives. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be. But, now-a-days a vital part of wedding planning is creating a hashtag. This hashtag you create would be used when any guest from the wedding posts on social media. You can obviously have an “unplugged” wedding if you like, but if not, here are some tips on how to come up with your perfect wedding hashtag.

Using a hashtag for your wedding can be extremely useful after the big day. After everything winds down and people start posting photos, the use of the hashtag will allow an easy way for you to organize and keep up with everything being posted. Also, it becomes a digital photo album that will last “forever” (the internet is forever… right?). 

First of all, you can always choose a classic hashtag and insert your name. There are so many options when it comes to picking the perfect hashtag. If you want something uncomplicated and don’t want to spend too much time deliberating over a unique hashtag, here are some examples for you.




#_____2_____ (insert maiden name to newly wed last name)


These few examples are just a sample of the possibilities of your hashtag! It’s crucial that you keep your hashtag pretty short and sweet. If it is too complicated or has too many words, then it could be easily messed up by guests. You don’t want a guest accidentally misspelling or forgetting a word and then you never see their post! 

When it comes to creating an original hashtag, something that exclusively goes along with you and your partner, it’s time to get creative. It’s easy to get blocked, but it just takes brainstorming. You want it to be punny, because everyone loves a good pun. A play on words with either the groom’s name, bride’s name, either last name, and something to tie together to a wedding is perfect. Here are some original hashtag examples I have personally seen in the past. 

The last name of the groom is Gubitoso; the hashtag used for the wedding was #ItsTooGubitoBeTrue. 

The last name of the groom is Rutledge and the bride’s maiden name was Roe, her first name being Wimberly. Combine the two and the wedding hashtag was #RutRoeWimsGettingMarried. 

Those are just two great examples of using your name to create a play on words while it also has something to do with marriage, spending your life with someone. To get to this point, you first want to write down all the basic details of your marriage. That means write down your names, your wedding date, wedding venue, basically everything. Once you have a visual of all the possible words you could make a pun out of, start trying to think of words that rhyme or sound similar to popular catchphrases. You could also use an online pun generator. Come to think of it, there are online wedding hashtag generators as well. If you’re mind is blank and truly can’t think of anything, you could attempt to use one of those! The generators could be useful for inspiration. Getting a little inspiration never hurt anyone! If you still are stumped, try looking at other people’s hashtags to get the wheels turning.

In the end, you will find the hashtag that fits your wedding. It takes some brainstorming, but the result is so worth it. Seeing all the instagram stories and posts of your guests enjoying themselves at your wedding will be worth-while! Once you have your hashtag created, don’t forget to let everyone know about it. Put it on the invitations, use it for decorations throughout the venue, napkins, table place cards, anything to remind people to use it. This hashtag is for you, so don’t be shy to throw it around. Keep it simple and clever so it is memorable to your guests. Then let the magic happen! It’ll be an easy keepsake to remember your special day. 

Photo by Mirage + Light Photography

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