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For most couples, fun cocktails and other adult beverages are a VERY important part of their wedding that they would not consider leaving it out, but this is not the case for everyone! There are many good reasons to have a dry wedding and many ways to do it. Although it may seem hard to entertain your guests during a wedding sans-alcohol, it is possible, and we will tell you exactly how to do it. Read below for several great substitutes for alcoholic beverages at your wedding!

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Seasonal Mocktails

If you are thinking of having a wedding sans-alcohol, you have to have some sort of fun drink to replace it, and with mocktails, the possibilities are endless. The internet is full of websites with tons of delicious and refreshing virgin cocktails for you to choose from. That being said, these mocktails can be customized to fit any type of season. If you are having a spring wedding go for a light fruity drink or even something frozen. For Autumn or holiday weddings, choose a sweet and creamy mocktail recipe such as eggnog with nutmeg or a Virgin White Russian.

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Juice Bar

A great idea for a non-alcoholic wedding is to have a custom juice bar. Hire a professional juicer to whip up delicious fresh juice for your guests during the reception. By providing guests with a variety of delicious fruits to choose from, this drink can be entertaining as well as  delicious. This is a perfect touch for any health-food loving couple.

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Exquisite Cuisine

With the alcoholic part of the wedding missing, it is important to keep guests satisfied with delicious and beautiful culinary delights. With the money you save by having a dry wedding, you can allocate a larger budget for food that’ll have your guests raving all night. Spend time researching reviews and menus from various catering businesses and ask them to curate a delicious menu complete with a full dinner, dessert, and beautifully decorated hors d’oeuvres.

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Having the best entertainment is imperative to having a great dry wedding. With fabulous music and interactive entertainment, your guests will be too busy to even think about having an alcoholic drink. A big, fun band that interacts with guests is a great way to go with entertainment, and with the money saved on alcohol, you can spend more on the band!

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Timing is Everything

When planning a dry wedding, timing can be very important. While technically you can have a dry wedding at night, it is better to have a dry wedding in the morning or early afternoon.  Having a wedding at night means that people are more inclined to want a drink. Having a beautiful sunrise wedding or noon wedding means that people will most likely not be craving a cocktail at the reception.

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Location, location, location

When considering a dry wedding, it’s a great idea to look at venues that may not allow alcohol at all. Many beautiful outdoor venues like beaches, parks, or nature preserves do not allow alcohol anyway, so the issue with whether or not to have a dry wedding doesn’t matter!  Amusement parks like Disneyworld or Disneyland don’t allow alcohol on some parts of the grounds so if you are opting for a dry wedding and also love Disney, consider this as an option.


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