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The various elements that go into your wedding invitations are crucial. Unsure of what to say? Don’t know the best time to send them out? Having a difficult time narrowing down your invite list? If any of these questions sound like your own, you have come to the right place! We have gathered the best information on what to include before sending out your wedding invitations.



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When should you send out your save the date and invitations?

Figuring out when to send out your save the dates and wedding invitations may be tricky. You want to have as many of your close friends and family-to-be there as possible, so it may be difficult figuring out the right time to send them out so people can plan for your special day.

When sending out your save the dates, make sure you send them out to your guest list four months in advance if you are having a local wedding. For destination weddings, send out save the dates eight to 12 months in advance. This will allow your guests to start to plan for the event and make sure they have the right accommodations. When sending out your actual invitations, make sure you send them out six to eight weeks in advance if it is local and two to three months if it is a destination wedding. The wedding invitation serves as a reminder of the event. If you send a save the date, an invitation is suppose to follow. Keep this in mind when you are going down your guest list.



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What to include in the invitation?

For local weddings and destination weddings there are a few major things that need to be included on your wedding invitations. The date, time, location, and dress code should be found in the invitation. Only address invitations to each person by name and not “family” if you are specifically trying to have an age limit. If you are having a destination wedding, list your wedding URL and update all the travel plans and arrangements online for guests. Do not include registry information on the invite because this should be found on your wedding website for guests to scroll through.



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When should you make the RSVP date?

Specifying the RSVP date on the invitation is very important. You want to make sure you have a final count two to three weeks before your wedding. This is important because you need to confirm with the caterer the total number of people that will be in attendance so they can make accommodations to not run out of food.

Follow these few tips to be sure you have great wedding invitations and the right people at your special day!



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