A key ingredient in planning your wedding is choosing the perfect wedding cake. When choosing your cake you must take into consideration your theme, the type of cake, and how much you are willing to spend. The first bite is shared between you and your partner, so make sure it is something you both can equally enjoy. 

Your wedding cake is the centerpiece during the reception, so it is important to choose a design that matches your theme. Whether you are a bride with bohemian, contemporary, or classical taste, there are numerous design choices to select from. A bohemian style wedding may have a cake with an earthy feel to it. This cake would be decorated with an assortment of delicate flowers and leafy green vines. A bride having more of a contemporary taste would enjoy a cake design that is polished with various hexagonal tiers and a smooth finish. Most brides enjoy a classical look for their wedding theme, so they may choose a cake design that is subtle, decorated with hand-painted flowers, watercolor designs, and is very elegant. 


            Photo by: Joshua Glass                                            Photo by: Marcie Douglas 


Choosing the flavor of your wedding cake is also an important step. Not only should this be a flavor you and your partner enjoy, but also one your guests can enjoy as well. Luckily, you have endless options to choose from, but there are so many delicious flavors it can be difficult to decide. Some of the most popular flavors tend to be chocolate with a chocolate buttercream icing, a white sponge cake with rose water infused frosting, as well as lemon poppyseed with a raspberry filling. Each of these are equally delectable, but at the end of the day it is which one you enjoy the most. Keep in mind, you want to choose a cake that will remain moist throughout the event without drying out super quick.



         Photo by: Alexandra Gornago                         Photo by: Debby Hudson


It is very important to take price into consideration when picking out your wedding cake.  Usually, the average cost for a wedding cake is around $500 but can quickly become an upwards of $1000. The more tiers a cake has, the ingredients used to make the cake, where it is being delivered, and any special requests with decor can add to the price. 

Athens is home to many delicious bakeries. These bakeries will leave you with an everlasting taste on the special day. Deborah’s speciality cakes with over 30 years in the business has left many customers wanting more. Known for their buttercream and fondant icings, Debora’s specialty cakes provide their customers with an array of options for their special day.  Sweet Pie by Savie is also a well known bakery here in Athens. They have a variety of wedding cakes paired with an assortment of delicious desserts for you to choose from on your big day. Their prices for their wedding cakes start at $3.15 per serving. Both bakeries are equally savory and are ready for you to book an appointment today.  


   Photo by: Deborah Speciality Cakes                    Photo by: Love Stories by Halie & Alec

Your perfect wedding cake is waiting to be made. Get your taste testing shoes on, because you are about to dive into the most delicious part of planning your wedding. Remember not to eat too much cake along the way! 





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